Friday, May 11, 2018

10 IPS officers of 1996 batch empanelled as JS; total number of IPS empanelled as JS in one month rises to 16; Full List

THE government early this month empanelled 10 Indian Police Service officers as union joint secretary or joint secretary-equivalent, taking the total number of IPS officers empanelled as JS in the last one month to 16. But the question arises how many of those officers will actually be posted in various central government ministries. First, here is the list of 10 IPS officers empanelled last week:
1. Vineeta Sharma, Assam cadre, 1996 batch
2. Charu Sinha, Telangana cadre, 1996 batch
3. Ritu Mishra, Telangana cadre, 1996 batch
4. Vikram Thakur, Uttar Pradesh cadre, 1996 batch
5. Hiren Chandra Nath, Assam cadre, 1996 batch
6. Chiranjeev Prasad, Maharastra cadre, 1996 batch
7. Anil Kumar, Telangana cadre, 1996 batch
8. Nikhil Jayaprakash Gupta, Maharashtra cadre, 1996 batch
9. Balbir Singh, Madhya Pradesh cadre, 1996 batch
10. Shahid Absar, Madhya Pradesh cadre, 1996 batch
Only last month, the government empanelled six IPS officers, one belonging to 1988 batch and five others of 1993 batch as GoI joint secretary or joint secretary-equivalent. Those IPS officers empanelled as JS or JS-equivalent last month were:
1. Ms Rashmi Shukla, Maharashtra cadre, 1988 batch 
2. Arvind Kumar, Bihar cadre, 1993 batch
3. Hashmukh N Patel, Gujarat cadre, 1993 batch
4. Vinyatosh Mishra, Odisha cadre, 1993 batch
5. Niraj Gotru Rao, Gujarat cadre, 1993 batch
6. Ms Sonali Mishra, Madhya Pradesh cadre, 1993 batch

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