Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Countdown to 7th Pay Commission: A young IPS questions IAS' lobbying for retaining “edge”

IN THE run-up to the submission of recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission regarding the hike of salary and possible tweaking of service rules of Indian bureaucrats, a young Indian Police Service (IPS) officer currently working in Uttar Pradesh has charged IAS officers for lobbying to retain its edge over other bureaucrats.  “If anyone really believes that two increments and an edge in empanelment is the motivating force for the ‘premier civil service’ of the country, then why is it not mentioned as a motivating factor anywhere else except in representations to the successive pay commissions?” he asks, in a letter written to the ministry of home affairs and IPS association. BoI withholds his name here, but if the officer wishes to disclose his identity, he can write about it in the comment box given below. Here is the full text of the letter:

“In the recent days, there has been a spurt of letters being forwarded across social media from our brethren services who have this world view that they represent the premier civil service of the country and this must not be undermined by the 7th CPC.
I have nothing to represent to the 7th CPC that has not been done by my organization, Central IPS Association (CIPSA) and I do not believe it right either that members of a service should individually trouble the Commission. But these letters and the stinging remarks made there in have caused so much anguish to me (as it has, I am sure to young officers of every other allied and AIS) that I simply wish to state some of my concerns.
In times when we (meaning every government service) is moving towards the attitude that our existence is for the delivery of service to the people and "the people" being paramount in the scheme of things, why do my brethren consider themselves as the "premier" service, thus explaining what the remaining services of the country are thought about in the so-called premier service circles. If the most coveted services of the country, with maximum authority and responsibility, consider themselves to be above their brethren services itself, how can we even talk of being public "servants".
I reiterate here that I have no qualm about my service or its status and position in the hierarchy of things, nor is that the reason I write here, but what hurts the most is that we are fighting among ourselves, taking names and slighting the very service whom we call our brethren services on the one hand and humiliate on the other. I don't wish to go into individual examples and grievances being made in such letters to ascertain the supremacy of one particular service because I am sure if I asked, every government service can come up with "n" number of legitimate and valid reasons why it should have pay parity with every other service. If I had intended to go into it, I could have easily cited IPS officers working in the Naxal-infested states of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha leading combat operation and making the supreme sacrifice for the nation. I could have easily cited my brothers in insurgency-infested North-Eastern states who work in areas that would put the word "hard posting" to the shame. I could have mentioned my sisters who rough out the stone pelting and protests every day in the valleys of J&k. Not to mention, I could have given example of the extreme working conditions that almost any and every police officer does because it is the nature of his/her job.
But I don't believe that because we all do this, we are above anything else. Nor do I believe should be any other service. If hard posting were a criteria, we could throw down harder than Muhammad Ali. If anyone really believes that two increments and an edge in empanelment is the motivating force for the "premier civil service" of the country, then why is it not mentioned as a motivating factor anywhere else except in representations to the successive pay commissions?
Sir, I don't write this letter to counter any other letters that may have reached you. I do not write this letter to implore you for pay parity and removal of the empanelment edge. I have immense faith in the representation made by my Central IPS Association and in your judgment to discern what's best. I only ask that you make your decision on the real merits of the case. Most importantly, I don't wish to seek anything just because I am a young officer of the Indian Police Service (which I am) but only because it is the right thing.


  1. Just because some youngsters mugged up their history,anthropology ,pali real well for one year and puked it all out on their answer sheets ,doesent justify their being treated as superior officers for the rest of their careers vis a vis other class I services.They don't have superior calibre .Preferential treatment to them Just not justified .

  2. IPS officers are shedding crocodile tears but they themselves dont have any right to ask for parity in pay and perks with IAS on the grounds of equality. Do these IPS officers treat CAPF officers recruited through UPSC on the same level. They try to undermine and create hurdles in promotions and cadre restructuring in every CAPF so that its Assistant Commandant cadre can never rise above the IG rank officer. All the plum postings in Delhi are cornered by IPS officers while AC cadre officers slug it out day and night in hostile situations year after year. These IPS officers lead lavish lifestyles in prominent districts of the country and when they witness hotter times in their state they make beeline for entry into CAPFs. How do you explain a IPS beatcop with no experience in border security surpassing all those officers who worked 30 years+ in BSF/ITBP/SSB and with no experience in Naxal/Guerilla Warfare surpassing Officers of CRPF and with no experience in Industrial / Airport Security surpassing all Officers of CISF --- to become DIG, IG , ADG and DG of these forces. While the Parent Cadre Officers of these forces feel neglected after years of service in own organisation, the IPS entrant toys with the organisation he hardly knows about and makes mockery of the Internal Security and ParaMilitary forces of the country.
    Delhi High court declared CAPf AC cadre as Organised service after 3 years of bitter court fight and this was vehemently opposed by IPS dominated Home Ministry. Such is the true character of the IPS and that too for the officers of the CAPF AC service which has made maximum number of supreme sacrifices for the country.
    IPS Officers should first try to give parity to other services over which they try to impose themselves and create atmosphere of demoralisation rather than sulk when the same treatment is meted out to them by the IAS Officers. Its called "As you sow So shall you reap".

    1. UPSC conducts exams for 14 odd services. we are talking about civil services exam here. Just because your exam has been conducted by UPSC, you dont start comparing yourself with the IAS. i am sure you must have taken the Civil Services exam and failed, and the tried for CAPF exam. Most of my friends who failed all the three attempts at CS finally joined CAPFs.
      Secondly before 2003 this exam was not conducted by UPSC, and the CAPF officers now clamouring to become DGs of various forces were recruited as DySPs as grade B officers. So even if they have become IGs i think the services are doing very well.

    2. Anyways dear I feel that I touched a raw nerve and you being an Anonymous IPS were stung bad. It doesn't matter now after all CAPF AC cadre has been declared a Organised Central Civil Service by Delhi High Court. Parity can't be asked on terms what are chosen by you for your own benefit. That was the sole point of my comment and your reply proved it to be true. And for the comment of me settling as a CAPF officer after failing in civils. Dear everyone fills IAS as preference but sheds crocodile teard and clamours for parity after failing to get top rank. As far as I know CISF ACs were recruited through Civil Service Exam. Please check with CISF website.

    3. dear 4 nov 429 u must know that these services r gp A.just think how a person can become DG without being coy cdr n comdt ,without qualifying 81 mm n mmg course how he can come as DIG with only 14 yrs of service .this lobby has destroyed cbi, ib n capf n u will be remembered in history for yr own vested interest

  3. Time to abolish IAS

  4. How can someone one injustice with another? The IPS is definitely wrong in what they do to CAPFs but how does that make IAS any better?

    Look at the present Defence Secy!!! Heading the country's procurement of weapons and what not and what is his experience in Defence ?? Zero, Nil, Nada.

    The IAS has clogged all those specialized ministries like shipping, earth sciences, corporate affairs and more!!! I don't think the parity is wrong. Everyone should be given a chance, why only IAS?

    And for that matter, why stop at parity? Bring in the private sector!! Throughout the world, specialists are brought in because "they know what they are doing" and "they have some experience at least" of the ministry they are heading!!

    Look at Raghuram Rajan. Can anyone deny that he is a better candidate for RBI Governor any day than an IAS officer?

    1. I am glad you have taken the name of Raghuram Rajan who is a foremost global economist and the officials of MoF except Arvind Subramanian(Non IAS) are not a patch bfore him.Lateral entry in civil services to the extent of one third of the vacancies
      at senior/top level for technocrats/economists should be introduced just like what is prevelant in
      advanced countries so that the talent gap in IAS could be bridged. Remember Shridharan/Nilekeni/Abdul Kalam/Sam Pitroda etc;None from IAS.

  5. I entirely agree. It will be a great service to the country if this service is disbanded. It has ruined this country.

  6. CSS cadre officers have proved this year what the Central Services can do.

    "Gautam Sanyal has been appointed as Principal Secretary to Govt. Of West Bengal and Dr. DB Singh was appointed as Secretary in Rajya Sabha."

    It is time the IAS cadre is abolished. Intellectuals like Verghese Kurien and NR Narayana Murthy have said it before. The Indian Arrogant Service should be reformed and then renamed to Indian Management Service.

  7. All members of Civil Services are requested and advised to wait for actual formal announcement of Seventh Pay Commission report before making and sharing any comments /independent opinions . Everyone should have faith in Constitution Of India .

  8. All members of Civil Services are requested to wait for formal submission and announcement of Seventh Pay Commission report before any independent opinions .

  9. While, report of 7th CPC is awaited, the IPS and IRS associations have raised banner of revolt demanding parity with the IAS in pay scales and promotions. Other services are likely to join the issue in due course. Apartheid in bureaucracy is discriminatory. Creating artificial hierarchy in organized services infringes the Rule of Equality before Law, besides causing heart-burnings, biases, prejudices, fall in efficiency.The IAS officers oppose the parity demand, saying they are “ first among equals”. Other Services oppose the doctrine of primus inter pares as irrational, not relevant to Services .
    Justice A K Mathur, Chairperson, 7th CPC, is interacting with Services associations. Will he succeed in breaking the anomaly,is a million dollar question? Chances are remote.A wild goose chase. The IAS association claims, their members shoulder larger responsibilities and deserve preferential treatment. Against this backdrop, why can’t the 7th CPC recommend constituting a unified single Service with same service conditions across the spectrum and train the officers for specific jobs? Brazen inter- Services fighting sends a wrong message to civil servants.

    A K Saxena (A retd. civil servant)

  10. Even though I have successfully established that to be a revenue seceratory an IAS don't need to be a revenue expert, still to clear some doubts i must clarify how an IAS has requisite knowledge in these fields.

    Renevue - As DM he is the head of revenue collection. It includes land revenue, entertainment tax, sales tax, bank dues, panchayat dues etc. Clearly its ambit is much larger than what an IRS-IT or IRS customs do.

    Law and Order - A DM is the head of law and order in the district and not the SP. SP is supposed to help DM in maintaining the law and order and cannot act in isolation. DM participates in the crime meetings and SP is supposed to update DM of all the law and order situation in the district. Further it is DM who decided which case to be pursued if the convict is relieved from the lower court. He also oversees the district Jail. So his working oversees the functioning of SP+ Jail commandent + DGC combined and not just the law and order. His responsibility is right from catching a thief (with help of SP) to getting him punishment from court (with help of DGC) to keeping him in jail (with help from Jail commandant)

    Rest of the other developmental functions / enforcement functions and various other roles performed by an IAS in district is well known and don't need to be told again.

    Here again, an IAS officer before coming to GoI functions at the policy making level at the respective state government and helps in formulating various state policy. He serves as the secretory of various state ministries and does the same work which he will be doing as JS/AS/Secretory at GoI.

    So now I ask the other service personnels how do they justify them fighting for the JS/AS/Secretory post at GoI level when in reality neither do they have any experience in policy making nor do they have any breadth of knowledge and understanding. They have at best a specialized knowledge of their department and they can very well be consulted by JS/AS/Secretory. Kindly enlighten as to why they should be made JS/AS/Secretory at all. leave aside the debate of 2 year edge.

    1. Delhi too hot? 56 IAS officers opt for states, just 4 come to Centre...A source the defence ministry said at least four joint secretary-rank officers had left for their parent cadre because it had become difficult for them to put in the "hard work" required under the present dispensation... The Times of India-10.07.2015... need I say more about the hardworking nature of the IAS?

  11. Dear Anonymous and Hidden Friend -

    I appreciate your concerns but I feel you have right to know many other facts which you may not know .

    1. Annual reports of National Crime Research Bureau suggests that rate of every kind of crime in India is growing inspite of monitoring by IAS and IPS at their level ,
    2. Rate of corruption in each every departments in State Govt is very high if compared with Central Govt
    3. Revenue collection by State Govts is very poor but leading to rise in corruption day by day
    4. You need to understand following with open mind seriously :
    a) Presently Police implement age old Police Act 1861 ( created by British to crush freedom movement of India )
    b) As per NCRB reports crime rate is growing day and night ,
    c) Corruption level is high in State Govts
    d) Revenue collection in State Govt is poor due to high corruption
    e) Indian Bureaucracy is worst while Singapore is best
    f) IRS ( CBEC &CBDT) services is life line for every State Govts in the form of salary for other services and annual budget meant for every department of state and central govt ,
    g) With strong support of training in every field IRS Officers are all rounder and can perform any role and duties in admin., revenue collection , law enforcement

    h) Mostly sucess rate of IAS and IPS is very good and outstanding in APAR only ,
    i) Also see Vohra Committee Report ,
    J) Report on Police Reforms .A report available on the website :
    k) Guwahati High Court Judgements on CBI
    l) Bitter rivalry /differences among IB and RAW
    m) delay in timely coordination and complex systems among Law Enforcement Agencies have been beneficial for criminals and law evaders

  12. Dude ... As a dc one needs a generalist.. IAS fits the bill.. But as a JS/AS/Sec ..job would tend to become a specialist of that particular ministry .. The question actually s reverse how does IAS fit the role ??

  13. In all the developed countries it is the experts which hold top positions in any ministry.Generalists or career bureaucrats never reach higher positions in govt. If we have to really become an advanced Nation, we have to bring experts and specialists on the top, otherwise the IAS will continue to ruin the Nation and the politician will get the blame.The present PM should understand the game of this power mafia. lest he will lose the confidence of the common people who had expected that corrupt and power hungry bureaucracy will be cut to size, but it has not yet happened.

  14. The comment posted on 4th nov by some one who thinks he knows all has unduly undermined the potential of a CAPF officer.
    there are so many examples of corruption being done of the highest level by the so called civil servants who have taken the civil service exam and i have hardly heard of a capf officer involved in any corruption scandel.
    kindly go through facts and figures before commenting an degrading organisations which are armed forces of the union and performing duty around the clock for maintaining national integration of union of states since independence.These CAPF are upholding the democratic institutions .EVer seen how the CAPF are performing election duties.Be happy that these Indian forces have never tried to take over the command of country like it has regularly been happenening in neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Myanmar and many more Asian and African countries who have got independence with India.
    Thank god for the High Courts that India is having. No hope from any of civil servants.Delhi High Court has patiently heard a case for organised cadre for these CAPF for three Years.
    Delhi high court has directed the GoI to treat all CAPF as organised cadre.
    The english have left India long back Mr Indian civil servants.

    1. Very well said Sir these people themselves practice apartheid among services and when same thing happens to them they ask for parity and logic. Whats the logic of BSF being headed by an IPS officer.. The poor chap may not even have seen a border in his life except in bharat darshan tour. Just an example of the mockery made of resources in the country by these so called talented civil service selected IPS.

    2. Thank you dear
      I can see that they are making mockery of CAPF Officers.Do you know that most of the Children of these high headed civil servants are not class IAS.and since they have curtailed all fecilities to them selves.Even their next generation goes into depression. Since they have not given equality to all services.
      Mugging up and taking exams and puking all out on answer sheet does not make one great.It is the learning from history that makes one visionary.How long did any greatest civillization last.Mughals,English?? how lonf the IAS. By making them selves greatest by all means of over smartness will cost dearly to generations to come

  15. I entirely agree. It will be a great service to the country if this service is disbanded. It has ruined this country.

  16. Actly these ips wants to live in fools paradise..give respect n get respect... ips opposes capf to b organized..cmon..wats ur prblm...n mr 4nov.wat u think of urself..apne cmmnt se u hv showed ur actl mindset...organized to hm le k rahege n ips will surely hv to exit frm these elite capf services

  17. IPS Officers being SPs in state police have no control over Police Station.c rimes are committed in police station itself.
    But Commandants of CAPFs have full control over Coys under his command.
    On deputation they stars doing experiments with CAPFs.Its because of cadre officer Commandants that CAPFs are in existence.
    Other wise IPS officers would have ruined them like state police.