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5 Predictions for Corridors of Power

Nothing is predictable in today’s corridors of power. Maybe, the regular appointments of the empaneled officials could be the only exception. Yet, BoI presents 5 things that you may expect in corridors of power during the New Year, 2013...
What to expect in 2013 for Corridors

Indian Bureaucrats, Hackers' Formula

Facebook's 27-year-old billionaire CEO Mark Zuckerberg has always wanted a hacker culture in his company. Usually, hackers mean those tech saavy bad minds who cripple websites and deface those. But in Facebook, hacker culture means giving an extra push to try out new ideas even if they fail. Why can’t Zuckerberg’s hacker attitude not inculcated by Indian bureaucrats who are brilliant, yet carry a baggage of laziness and negativity? Many bureaucrats will instantly dismiss...

Soup Song, Flop Song
How Great Indian Bureaucracy should worry about 7 things which are threatening to make their work look like Kolaveri Di's Soup Song, Flop Song.

3 Idiots
If you are an Indian bureaucrat handling the politics of governance in a fairly complex environment, you really don't need any tips from an outsider. Yet, many of you may not realise that 2010 is a different ball-game altogether, and you won't be able to beat the system through age-old formula which were repeatedly proved effective.
3 things an Indian bureaucrat must not do

Peepli Live
From third party assessment of IAS officers to the RTI gaining prominence, there has been a changed environment for Indian babudom. Every word a bureaucrat notes at the file is under public scrutiny. The changing facet of Indian bureaucracy is visible with the game changing government environment being created by non-Sarkari guys like Nandan Nilekani and Sam Pitroda. But the greatest strength that the bureaucracy has today is Dr Manmohan Singh’s unconditional support to efficient bureaucrats. Here are 9 developments of 2009 that are impacting the power corridors of 2010.