Wednesday, October 11, 2017

This photo of an Andhra cop goes viral; what forces him to fold his hands and bow his head?

THIS photo of an Andhra Pradesh cop with folded hands pleading to a family of five on a scooter (and without helmets), has gone viral in the social media in the last couple of days. The IPS Association too commented on the photo saying “This is DANGEROUS and puts to risk your precious lives. Be good and help us. #PoliceIsGood #TrafficRules”. According to local media reports, the cop in the photo is…
B Shubh Kumar, the circle inspector of Madakasira circle in Andhra Pradesh. It was on  Monday, the cop on duty stopped this family of five — a man driving the scooter, wife at his back, another woman relative thereafter and two kids standing on the front side. And none was wearing helmet. What's more, the man did not have a driving licence. But when the family said, they were going to a temple, the cop turned helpless. He could have booked them under various provisions of the law — for overloading of passengers, driving without helmets and license. Instead, he folded his hands and bowed his head, forcing the family to realise their mistakes. An auto rickshaw was hired by the cop to send the family to their destination. 
In fact, Karnataka cadre IPS officer Abhishek Goyal first tweeted the photograph saying: “What else can he do 😅? We always have a choice. Chose the safe one ! #BeSafe”. The officer then posted one more tweet where a man wearing a helmet is seen riding a scooter but none of the three school going girls (possibly his daughters) are not wearing helmets, putting them in high risk. Goyal posts a rhythmic tweet: 
Cop’s dilemma:
Shall I stop and fine,
Parents will argue and whine,
Kids may have to stand in late line,
But they will get ‘educated’ just fine !
On the Andhra cop viral photo, many readers posted comments, some serious, some funny. One tweet says how there are instances of a scooter carrying nine passengers in parts of UP! Another person tweets: “Made my Day .... Ha…Ha”. 
“This is why...Tata nano fails”, posts another. 

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