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Chief Election Commissioner of India and former Madhya Pradesh cadre IAS officer OP Rawat among others during the celebration of national public relations day at NDIM campus on April 21.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

76 IAS officers of 1987, 1988 batches empaneled as GoI additional secretary; Full List

THE Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) on Tuesday approved the empanelment of as many as 39 IAS officers of 1987 batch and 37 IAS officers of 1988 batch as additional secretary or additional secretary equivalent in Government of India. The officers include BVR Subrahmanyam of Chhattisgarh cadre and Vini Mahajan of Punjab cadre — two of the most influential bureaucrats of Manmohan Singh’s PMO. Here is the complete list of 76 IAS officers and their cadres:

1987 Batch IAS: Additional Secretary/Additional Secretary Equivalent
1. Kadim Narayana Kumar, Assam cadre
2. Ram Mohan Mishra, Assam cadre
3. Amir Subhani, Bihar cadre
4. BVR Subrahmanyam, Chhattisgarh cadre
5. Indu Shekhar Chaturvedi, Jharkhand cadre
6. Nagendra Nath Sinha, Jharkhand cadre
7. Pradip Kumar Tripathi, Jammu and Kashmir cadre
8. VP Joy, Kerala cadre
9. Ajay Seth, Karnataka cadre
10. Barun Mitra, Manipur cadre
11. Manoj Jhalani, Madhya Pradesh cadre
12. Sanjay Kumar Singh, Madhya Pradesh cadre
13. Ajay Tirkey, Madhya Pradesh cadre
14. Ms Gauri Singh, Madhya Pradesh cadre
15. Pankaj Kumar, Nagaland cadre
16. Rajesh Verma, Odisha cadre
17. Tuhin Kant Pandey, Odisha cadre
18. Ms Vini Mahajan, Punjab cadre
19. Ms Veenu Gupta, Rajasthan cadre
20. Rajiv Ranjan Mishra, Telangana cadre
21. Ms Vasudha Mishra, Telangana cadre
22. Praveen Kumar, Tamil Nadu cadre
23. TV Somanathan, Tamil Nadu cadre
24. Lalit Kumar Gupta, Tripura cadre
25. Sushil Kumar Gupta, Tripura cadre
26. Ms Leela Nandan, UP cadre
27. Ms Renuka Kumar, UP cadre
28. Sunil Kumar, UP cadre
29. Jiwesh Nandan, UP cadre
30. Naresh Kumar, AGMUT cadre

1987 Batch IAS: Additional Secretary Equivalent
31. Bimbadhar Pradhan, Bihar cadre
32. Rameshwar Prasad Gupta, Gujarat cadre
33. Raj Kumar, Gujarat cadre
34. Pradeep Kumar, Kerala cadre
35. Satyajeet Rajan, Kerala cadre
36. RA Rajeev, Maharashtra cadre
37. Pravir Krishna, Madhya Pradesh cadre
38. Rajesh Kumar Chaturvedi, Madhya Pradesh cadre
39. Vijay Kumar Dev, AGMUT cadre

1988 Batch IAS: Additional Secretary/Additional Secretary Equivalent
40. Praveen Kumar Srivastava, Assam cadre
41. Jisnu Barua, Assam cadre
42. Aramane Giridhar, Andhra Pradesh cadre
43. Ms S Aparna, Gujarat cadre
44. Arvind Kumar Sharma, Gujarat cadre
45. Bidyut Behari Swain, Gujarat cadre
46. Mukesh Puri, Gujarat cadre
47. Manoj Kumar, Himachal Pradesh cadre
48. Ali Raza Rizvi, Himachal Pradesh cadre
49. Rajesh Kumar Khullar, Haryana cadre
50. Tarun Bajaj, Haryana cadre
51. TVSN Prasad, Haryana cadre
52. Arun Kumar Mehta, Jammu and Kashmir cadre
53. EV Ramana Reddy, Karnataka cadre
54. Anil Kumar Jha, Karnataka cadre
55. Apurva Chandra, Maharashtra cadre
56. Ashish Kumar Singh, Maharashtra cadre
57. Arvind Singh, Maharashtra cadre
58. SK Dev Verman, Manipur cadre
59. Sanjay Bandopadhyaya, Madhya Pradesh cadre
60. Shailendra Singh, Madhya Pradesh cadre
61. Rajiv Bansal, Nagaland cadre
62. Ms Anjali Bhawara, Punjab cadre
63. Ms Upama Srivastava, Sikkim cadre
64. K Rajeshwar Rao, Tripura cadre
65. Rakesh Sarwal, Tripura cadre
66. Sukhbir Singh Sandhu, Uttarakhand cadre
67. Alok Kumar 1, UP cadre
68. Arvind Kumar, UP cadre 
69. Ms S Radha Chauhan, UP cadre
70. Dharmendra Sharma, AGMUT cadre
71. Dharam Pal, AGMUT cadre
72. Indevar Pandey, West Bengal cadre

1988 Batch IAS: Additional Secretary Equivalent
73. Ms Ravneet Kaur, Punjab cadre
74. Ms Anita Karwal, Gujarat cadre
75. Sayeed Ahmed Baba, West Bengal cadre
76. Dharmendra Singh Gangwar, Bihar cadre

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