Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Illness of an IAS’ father no reason for inter cadre deputation; DoPT rejects K Thavaseelan’s plea; gives however its nod to Ajay Katesaria’s application

ILLNESS of the father of an IAS officer does not necessarily guarantee an inter-cadre deputation. Sample this: 2012 batch Nagaland cadre IAS K Thavaseelan applied for inter cadre deputation from Nagaland to Telangana on the grounds of ill-health of his father. But the panel headed by DoPT secretary decided on Monday that…
Thavaseelan can’t get inter cadre deputation as he did not complete the required period of nine years in his cadre. Thavaseelan, 31, hails from Tamil Nadu and did electrical engineering and PG diploma from IIM-Ahmedabad before getting into IAS.
But in another instance — the inter cadre deputation of 2012 batch Madhya Pradesh cadre IAS Ajay Katesaria from Madhya Pradesh cadre to Jharkhand cadre on grounds of “extreme hardship of medical nature” of his mother, was however granted by the same committee after both the states conveyed their consent.
Further, the inter cadre deputation proposal Siva Prasad Kakumanu, 1993 batch Punjab cadre IAS from Punjab to Andhra Pradesh on personal hardship, was deferred. 
Meanwhile, the same DoPT secretary-headed committee gave its nod to a number of inter-cadre deputation proposals, which are expected to be cleared by the ACC soon. Those are:a) Ms Pooja Pandey, 2008 batch Assam-Meghalaya cadre IAS from Assam-Meghalaya cadre to Uttar Pradesh cadre for a period of three years.
b) Dr Om Prakash, 2006 batch Assam cadre IAS from Assam-Meghalaya cadre to Rajasthan cadre for a period of three years.
c) The extension of inter-cadre deputation of Pandurang Kondbarao Pole, 2004 batch Jammu and Kashmir cadre IAS from Jammu and Kashmir cadre to Maharashtra cadre for a further period of two years beyond February 2, 2017.
d) The extension of inter-cadre deputation period of Manish Kumar Verma, 2000 batch Odisha cadre IAS from Odisha cadre to Bihar cadre for a further period of two years beyond March 22, 2017 after completing a tenure of five years on inter cadre deputation.


  1. Inter-Cadre deputation to Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and few North-East cadres is allowed after 3 years of service as these cadres are deficit cadres.

  2. Show me the face and I will show the rules is applicable in such cases. Only influence matters in such cases.

    Jai Hind.