Friday, September 23, 2016

More about Eenam Gambhir -- the diplomat who challenged Nawaz Sharif’s speech at the United Nations

Eenam Gambhir (Photo Courtesy: Facebook)
SINCE Thursday morning, Indian television and social media were abuzz with the way an Indian diplomat —a 2005 Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer Eenam Gambhir — gave an apt response to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s speech at the United Nations where the Pak PM had earlier raised the issue of Kashmir and hailed slain Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani a “young leader” from Kashmir. “The land of Taxila, one of the greatest learning centres of ancient times, is now host to the Ivy League of terrorism. It attracts aspirants and apprentices from all over the world”, she said in UN while describing Pakistan as the “global epicentre of terrorism”. Here are a few things you may like to know about this young Indian diplomat. 
1. Ms Eenam Gambhir is an IFS officer of 2005 batch.
2. She is the first secretary representing India in UN, where she works in the team of India’s permanent representative to UN — Syed Akbaruddin.
3. In UN, she looks after areas such as UNDP, UNOPS, UNFDA, UNICEF, UN Women, ISBA, Peacebuilding, GA revitalization, UN Democracy, Fund, Palestine, RTI, Security Council etc. 
4. Between August 2008  and April 2010, she had served as second secretary in Embassy of India, Argentina. 
5. Ms Gambhir served as under secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) before she was brought in to New York for her role in the UN. 
6. In Twitter, she describes herself as “an Indian Diplomat, a Delhiite”.
7. She studied in the University of Geneva.
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  1. Bold, effortless and perfect faultless reply by Ms Eenam Gambhir

  2. India needs to post diplomat& officer like ms Rename Gambhir who can reply aptly at was brilliant point wise replay.

  3. IS she really a 2005 batch pass out?

  4. She was brilliant. We need more of her tribe to give Indian diplomacy the cutting edge

  5. Frankly, I was somewhat dumbfounded when I first read her speech in response to the one given by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. I did not imagine that she was just a first secretary in the Indian delegation at the United Nations. Her reference to Taxila as one of the greatest learning centres in ancient times that now turned into the ivy League of Terrorism was a masterpiece. Unfortunately, I did not hear her speak, but I am sure she must have been a very good debator at the university. May her tribe grow.

    Raj Kanwar
    Dehra Dun