Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Why a group of officers will be shown the Hollywood film — Twelve Angry Men?

SELECT government officers will be shown a 1957 Hollywood film — Twelve Angry Men, as a part of the basic leadership skill programme, whereas some other officers will undergo an experiential learning exercise on character and competence titled Jog with The Pot, under newly-designed modules on leadership and ethics respectively. In fact, the government’s personnel department DoPT in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has developed…
modules and facilitators on two thematic areas—leadership skills and ethics. Whereas the leadership skill module has been designed for Group “A” officers only, the ethics module is for officers up to Group “A” level.
In the leadership skill, the expected program outcomes are enhancing self-awareness level, increase of personal leadership impact, gaining insights into leaders and leadership development, enhancing awareness on giving and receiving feedback as a developmental tool, developing a structured goal setting and action planning etc. 
According to the design of the 3-day-long programme on leadership skill, the movie — Twelve Angry Men will be shown on Day 2. Originally a drama, the script was re-written for a feature film and the film was released way back in 1957. The film was nominated for Academy Awards for the categories — best director, best picture and best writing of adapted screenplay. In 1986, Indian director Basu Chatterjee remade the film as Ek Ruka Hua Faisla.
In the training session, there will be a de-brief of the film as well.
In the session related to ethics and values in public governance, ethical dilemmas in life will be discussed. Further, one session is on Life’s Balance Sheet -I and there would be another on experiential learning exercise on character and competence. It is named Jog with The Pot. The programme also includes showing of an inspiring video, followed by informal discussion in small groups.

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