Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Vacancy in Manila: Govt looks for a suitable officer as senior adviser to ED in Asian Development Bank

FOR officers at the rank of joint secretaries, here is a vacant post in Manila, Philippines. Yes, the Central government has been looking for the suitable candidate for the post of senior adviser to Executive Director (ED) in Asian Development Bank (ADB). The DoPT in a letter addressed to union secretaries and state chief secretaries (dated September 29, 2015), said, the government would prefer such a candidate who has experiences in...
areas related to infrastructure development or international trade or public finance in government, or experience in externally aided projects. Also, the desirable qualifications include a degree in economics or management or public finance or international trade.
The mandatory qualifications for the post, however, include the following:
1. The officer must have been empanelled to hold joint secretary or equivalent posts at the Centre.
2. The officer should be at least three batches below the batch next to be considered for empanelment at additional secretary level.
3. The officer must have worked for at least two years at the Centre under Central Staffing Scheme.
4. The officer should be clear from vigilance angle.
5. The officer should not have been debarred from Central deputation.
6. The officer should have at least a “very good” service record. However, preference will be given to officers who have “outstanding” service records with a grading of 9 and above.
7. The officer should not be over 54 years of age.
8. The officer should not have been posted on an assignment in a foreign/captive post of the government of India earlier.
9. The officer should not have been nominated for foreign training or should not been on training or foreign assignment, currently.
10. The officer should not be on study leave or long leave. 

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