Thursday, October 01, 2015

New Gyms to be set up in Central govt ministries to reduce "sick leaves"; separate time slots for women

The Gym at the IAS Academy in Mussoorie
IN A new initiative meant for improving physical fitness of the government employees, the Centre on Wednesday rolled out a scheme to set up new gymnasiums, and replace old equipment of the existing ones in all Central government departments and ministries. As the DoPT in its office memorandum (OM) dated September 30 said, constant work stress and frustration lower productivity, and hence newly set-up gymnasiums are expected to...
decrease absenteeism and reduce usage of sick leaves, something that will benefit both the employees and the ministries concerned.
“For women employees a separate time slot should be fixed for their exclusive use and a woman instructor would need to be engaged”, the office memorandum said. This sounds odd as most modern Gyms across cities and towns are designed in such a way that men and women comfortably exercise simultaneously.
The carpet area of the proposed gymnasiums in the government ministries will be of 500 square feet for an office of 500 employees and of 1000 square feet for 1000 employees. The government would extend Grants-in-Aid for setting up of new Gyms or augmentation of infrastructure in existing ones by way of replacing old equipment. The DoPT has further instructed that the place where the gymnasium to be set up needs to be “clean, well lighted with adequate ventilation”. “Fans/ACs for summer should also be installed. The place must also have clean toilet and sanitation facility nearby. There should be adequate space for moving around with the Gym. The safety norms including fire fighting should be strictly adhered to”, the guideline for the setting up of the Gyms said.
Also, trained instructors will be appointed to guide the employees in the Gyms. They will be paid from the budgetary allocations of the individual ministries.
The Gym facility will be allowed after the office hours too. The ministry or the department will be allowed to charge a fee from the users to make it a self-sustaining financial model.
As the background note of the new scheme said, this would increase productivity of the employees. "Their (government employees') sedentary behaviour can have many detrimental effects including an increased likelihood of developing illnesses...Healthy employees are happy employees. A positive and energetic work force collaborates better and is more appealing to customers, which means investing in Gym will improve the functioning and image of an organization”, the OM said.


  1. Most of the sick leaves in Govt are taken not because people are genuinely sick but because they can get easily get medical certificates spending a few rupees.What about that?

  2. To reduce absenteeism from work and to improve attendance at offices the following measures are required:
    1. Recognise loyalty, hard work, and sincerity.
    2. Reward merit.
    3. Promote the competent.
    4. Weed out the corrupt, the incompetent, and the tardy.
    5. Create offices that are fair, impartial, equitable, meritocracy oriented, competitive, interesting, and offer challenges.
    6. Merge different types of leave. Merge Casual Leave [CL], Sick Leave, Leave on Half Average Pay [LHAP], Leave on Average Pay [LAP], Special Casual Leave [SCL], Restricted Holidays, among others. There should be one type of leave – Paid Leave [PL]. One can encash 100 % of that. Majority may opt for encashing the PL and work instead. Now people take leave out of compulsion as it would lapse if not taken and very limited encashment is allowed. Once liberal encashment is permitted absenteeism would come down.
    7. Now upon joining a government job one realises that it is far better to take care of oneself rather than serve the government and waste one’s time. This happens because any way no one respects hard work. No one rewards hard work. There are no provisions for that. Young employees look at their entitlements and pursue them vigorously.
    What is sad is that there appears to be no remedy in sight. Gymnasiums and other gimmicks do not go far....They are just gimmicks.....

  3. It's just one of the initiatives you annoying idiots. Jeez you people just need a reason to whine