Saturday, August 01, 2015

Full list of 48 officers empanelled as GoI joint secretary; Some belong to 1985 batch, some 1997!

IN THE last couple of days, the Central Government announced the empanelment of as many as 48 officers belonging to IAS, IPS, Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers, Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS) and Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers (IRSEE) as joint secretary to Government of India (GoI). And they belong to as old as 1985 batch and as new as 1997 batch. Significantly, as 17 officers belonging to 1985 batch Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers get empanelled as joint secretaries, many of their IAS batch-mates were appoined as GoI additional secretaries. Here is the full list of 48 newly-empanelled JS:

1985 BATCH
1. GK Gupta, IRSME (Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers)
2. VK Saxena, IRSME
3. AK Agarwal, IRSME
4. MK Agarwal, IRSME
5. Surbhit Mathur, IRSME
6. Pradeep Kumar, IRSME
7. SR Ghosal, IRSME
8. AK Gupta, IRSME
9. Prakash Bhutani, IRSME
10. Sudhir Gupta, IRSME
11. Gopal Kumar, IRSME
12. BS Dohare, IRSME
13. Shishir Dutta, IRSME
14. Sandeep Mehra, IRSME
15. S Bahuguna, IRSME
16. DK Nayak, IRSME
17. Gautam Dutta, IRSME

1986 BATCH
18. NVR Reddy, IRPS (Indian Railway Personnel Service)
19. Prabhash Kumar, IRPS
20. Sukhbir Singh, IRPS
21. Angraj Mohan, IRPS
22. RD Choudhury, IRPS
23. Shailender Kumar, IRPS
24. Sunita Vedantam, IRPS

1989 BATCH
25. Rajender Singh, IPS, Maharashtra cadre
26. Sanjeev Ranjan Ojha, IPS, Himachal Pradesh cadre
27. Amar Kumar Pandey, IPS, Karnataka cadre
28. Mukesh Kumar Meena, IPS, UT cadre
29. K Padmakumar, IPS, Kerala cadre
30. BG Mallaya, Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers (IRSEE)
31. RK Mehta, IRSEE
32. CS Jeengar, IRSEE
33. Gopal Chandra, IRSEE
34. M Khinchi, IRSEE
35. DN Mahajan, IRSEE
36. Ramesh Chandra, IRSEE
37. SK Agarwal, IRSEE
38. VK Gameti, IRSEE
39. Ashok Kumar, IRSEE
40. RK Mishra, IRSEE
41. GC Paunikar, IRSEE

1990 BATCH
42. Manoj Aggarwal, IAS, Gujarat cadre

1994 BATCH
43. Amar Nath, IAS, AGMUT cadre

1997 BATCH
44. Rajesh Kumar Sinha, IAS, West Bengal cadre
45. Onkar Singh Meena, IAS, West Bengal cadre
46. Shyam Jagannathan, IAS, Assam cadre
47. Raghvendra Kumar Singh, IAS, Madhya Pradesh cadre
48. Kamini Chauhan Ratan, IAS, Uttar Pradesh cadre


  1. 12 year gap between IAS and IRSME !!!! So unfair

  2. Yes. This is the way our system works. Highly unfortunate