Monday, July 30, 2018

Many of you will end your career as secretaries in 2040s when India’s GDP will be 6-7 times bigger: President Kovind to 2016 batch IAS

A section of 2016 batch IAS officers listening to President Kovind

PRESIDENT Ram Nath Kovind last week said that IAS is the premier all-India service, adding why the young IAS officers are destiny’s chosen generation, as India will be a six to seven times bigger economy when many of them will be union secretaries. Kovind said while interacting with 2016 batch IAS officers. Here are 10 things that Prez told the officers:
1. The IAS is our premier all-India service. It is one of those institutions that knit together our country with a common governance framework, a shared administrative ethos and by promoting a uniform culture and value system in public service. 
2. It is important that you understand how the Union government and its ministries and departments work even before you leave for your states. This is the exposure that the short period of service as Assistant Secretaries is designed to give you (the programme began in 2015).
3. Many of you will end your careers as secretaries in the 2040s – perhaps at about the time India celebrates the 100th anniversary of Independence. 
4. Today we are a US $2.5 trillion economy. By the 2040s, our GDP will be six or seven
times as large. Few generations in India’s history would have seen such a dramatic transformation. 
5. You are destiny’s chosen generation.
6. As IAS officers of your generation, it will be your mandate to equip our people, equip our government and equip our country to deal with the challenges and opportunities of an economy of that size. 
7. This will call for enhancing use of technology in the way you work and function. 
8. It will call for breaking out of silos and seeing government as a seamless service provider – not as a series of closed compartments. 
9. It will call for a radical overhaul of the nature of administration – and of the interface between citizen and government.
10. You have no option but to succeed. As you go to your respective districts and become change agents in your state cadres, our country’s future is in your hands.

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