Thursday, May 03, 2018

IAS Association asks for death sentence to killer of Himachal town planner Shail Bala Sharma

AFTER Tuesday’s gruesome murder of assistant town planner Shail Bala Sharma in Himachal Pradesh’s hill town Kasauli, IAS Association has said, “nothing less than a death sentence will do justice”. In a tweet posted on Thursday morning, IAS Association said: “Shocking! Such criminals need to be arrested and punished without any delay. Nothing less than a death sentence will do justice. Deepest Condolences to the family of the brave officer - Shail Bala. Respect.” As reported, the assistant town planner merely…
carried out a Supreme Court order to demolish illegal constructions at hotels and guest houses in Kasauli, a town that comes under the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh.
Shail Bala Sharma was allegedly chased and shot by Narayani guest house owner Vijay Thakur. The accused first tried to convince the officer arguing that part of his guest house named after his mother was legal. But Shail Bala said, and quite rightly, that she had the Supreme Court order according to which the structure was to be demolished. She gave the guest house owner enough time to take out their belongings before the building could be demolished. 
The victim was 51 years old. Her husband, a mushroom scientist, is the director in the National Research Centre for Mushroom in Solan. Their son is a doctor. 
The incident led to massive outrage, with the Supreme Court taking suo motu cognisance of the killing, calling it “extremely serious”. The highest court also termed it “a brazen breach of orders”. Himachal Pradesh Police also came under severe criticism as the culprit not only fired upon the officer but managed to escape while the police was present. The alleged murderer and the guest house owner is also a Himachal Pradesh government employee.

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