Monday, March 26, 2018

4 Indian Forest Service probationers assaulted in Rajkot; a former MLA booked; Incident sequences here

FOUR Indian Forest Service (IFoS) probationers of 2017 batch were on Saturday attacked by some locals near Rajkot in Gujarat. Media reports quoting local police have said that a former MLA of Gondal constituency, Mahipatsinh Jadeja, was booked for allegedly attacking the probationary officers when a group of 47 probationers was returning to Ahmedabad by bus. Here’s the sequence of the events as unfolded:
According to one of the probationers who spoke on television camera, it was the last day of their official tour to West India. They were coming from Sasan to Ahmedabad in a bus. The bus stopped on a petrol pump on Saturday morning. One probationer went out to have smoke. A boy suddenly came and asked him to go away. The probationer retorted by saying it was a public place and everyone has right over it. As the probationer retuned to the bus, someone came from behind and slapped him; and then the probationer was hit at his head with a stick. The probationer started bleeding. His colleagues then came out to inquire about the situation. A car struck them by full force. Three probationers were seriously injured. According to initial reports, one of them suffered memory loss. 
IFoS Association condemned the incident. In a Twitter post, it said: “The IFS Association strongly condemns the sinister attack on IFS Probationers of 2017 batch, while they were on official tour at Rajkot, by local goons on 24 March and demands strict action against the culprits besides immediate arrest of goons.”
IAS Association strongly backs the Indian Forest Service officers association with a hashtag, #NotAcceptable. “Stand by the @CentralIfs in their demand for immediate arrest of the goons who attacked young IFS Probationers. Strongly condemned. #NotAcceptable”, the IAS Association tweets. 
Another version of the incident is that one of the probationers was leaning against the wall of the ex-MLA Jadeja’s residence and the latter thought the probationer was urinating against the wall. That followed some heated arguments, and the ex-MLA led the attack of the probationers. Police checked the CCTV footage and arrested Jadeja. He was the local MLA between 1990 and 1995.

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