Thursday, August 10, 2017

“Move beyond files, go to the field”: PM tells district collectors; 10 more messages

PRIME MINISTER Narendra Modi on Thursday asked the district collectors across the country to move beyond files, and go to the field, to understand ground realities, as he addressed to them via video-conferencing. Based on the official statement released by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), here below are 10 key highlights of the PM’s message to the young IAS officers:
1. When youth assumes a leadership role, goals are sure to be achieved.
2. Collectors are not just representatives of their districts but also of the youth of that region.
3. Collectors are fortunate, because they have been given the opportunity to dedicate themselves to the nation.
4. As representatives of their districts, collectors now have to decide where they want to see their districts in 2022, what deficiencies must be overcome, and what services must be ensured. 
5. Some districts have always lagged in basic services such as electricity, water, education and health. 
6. When the socio-economic conditions improve in the 100 most backward districts, it would give a big boost to the overall development parameters of the country. This puts an onus on the collectors of these districts to work in a mission mode. 
7. Seek help from colleagues, intellectuals of the district, and students of schools and colleges, to prepare a vision document, or resolution document for their district before the 15th of August. This Resolution Document, should include those 10 or 15 objectives which they feel should be achieved by 2022. 
8. Collectors must make people aware about the benefit of initiatives such as LED bulbs, BHIM App etc
9. Ensure that each trader is registered under GST.
10. District collectors are young and capable, and could make resolutions for New India of 2022, in respect of their district.

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