Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Agriculture adviser needed in Embassy of India, Brussels; Who’s eligible for the post?

AN ADVISER (agriculture and Marine Products) is needed in Embassy of India, Brussels for a period of three years, and deputy secretary and director level officers are free to apply for the post. As DoPT has written to all chief secretaries, the applicant-officer must have worked for at least two years at the Centre under the Central Staffing Scheme, and should have experience in agriculture and...
allied sectors either at the Centre or in the state government/cadre.
The officer should have at least "very good" service record though preference will be given to officers who have 'outstanding' service record with a grading of 9 and above.
Also, the officer should not be over 54 years of age, and should not have been posted on an assignment in a foreign/captive post of the Government of India earlier. The officer should not have been nominated for foreign training or should not be on training or foreign assignment currently.
The officer should not be on study leave or long leave, the vacancy circular further said. 
The officer at the level of deputy secretary or director in Government of India should be at least one batch below the batch of officers who are currently empanelled to hold the post of joint secretary or its equivalent with the Central Government.

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