Monday, February 27, 2017

Mann ki Baat: PM praises IAS officer for cleaning a toilet pit himself

A cover of a book, Mann ki Baat
PRIME MINISTER in ‘Mann ki Baat’ programme broadcast on Sunday praised drinking water and sanitation secretary and IAS officer Parameswaran Iyer for cleaning a toilet pit which PM said, was noticed by the entire country. “…when people see an IAS officer cleaning a toilet pit himself, the fact is naturally noticed by the country”, PM said without however naming the IAS officer. Iyre, who took voluntary retirement from IAS nine years ago only to rejoin…
the government on contract last year, recently took everyone by surprise when he himself cleaned a toilet pit at Warangal in Telangana as a part of Clean India mission.
PM in his radio programme said how the government, society, institutions, organizations have been making efforts towards greater cleanliness. “In a way, everyone is seen working towards the cause of cleanliness in a conscious manner. The government is continuously making efforts in this regard”, PM said, before narrating the event anchored by the IAS officer. 
This is what PM said: “Recently, an event was organised in Telengana under the leadership of the Secretary of our Ministry of Water and Sanitation of the Government of India, in which senior officers from 23 state governments participated. And, this was not confined to having just a closed door seminar, but the importance of cleanliness was practically demonstrated at Warangal in Telangana. Toilet pit emptying exercise was carried out in Hyderabad on 17th and 18th February. Toilet pits in six houses were emptied and cleaned and the officers personally demonstrated that the used up pits of twin pit toilet can be emptied and then re-used. They also displayed as to how convenient these new technique toilets are and there is absolutely no inconvenience or hesitation in emptying or cleaning these toilets and even the psychological barrier does not come in the way at all".

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