Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bihar IAS Sudhir Kumar arrested in a paper leak scam; IAS Association slams arrest, calls Kumar “honest and sincere”

BIHAR branch of IAS Officer’s Association has said, it is “deeply angered and anguished” at the late-night arrest of 1987 batch IAS and chairman of Bihar Staff Selection Commission Sudhir Kumar, demanding that the case be transferred to the CBI for the sake of justice, independence and fair play. Kumar was arrested on Friday at Hazaribagh in neighbouring Jharkhand by the state-government-appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) in connection with a case of…
leaking of question papers in a recruitment examination held last month. The officer was later taken to Beur Central Jail located at the outskirts of Bihar’s capital city, Patna.
According to reports, four of the officer’s relatives including his professor brother, wife, daughter-in-law and a nephew were also taken into custody in the case. Some of the officer’s kin also appeared for the examination, leading to the suspicion that the officer could have some role in the case. The leaked question papers were shared through Whatsapp, forcing the Commission to scrap the examination. Kumar was earlier interrogated by the SIT, but his arrest was a surprise to many. 
In a statement, the Bihar branch of IAS Officer’s Association has described Kumar as one of the “most honest, sincere and competent officers of the cadre”, adding that the Association had decided to bear all the legal and other related expenses on his behalf. “Mr Kumar has all along been cooperating with the investigation, and therefore, the arrest is absolutely unwarranted”, the Association said in its statement. 
On a social media site, the Central IAS Association says, it seconds the Bihar chapter’s views.
“Arbitrary arrests of honest and sincere IAS officers is not done. We stand by Bihar IAS Association and seek justice”, it tweets on Saturday. 


  1. When two retired directors of a premier investigating agency of India are being questioned by the Supreme court of India, other bureaucrats need to be cautious.

    Judicial system takes its own time to decide about guilt or innocence of an Indian citizen.

    till then, only patience and god may help.

  2. Bihar has so many specialized units like Vigilance Investigation Bureau, Spl. vigilance etc. Why district police is handling such an important case?

  3. Civil services becomes a hazardous job with every buck stopping at the top.

  4. Bihar has become a fertile ground for hunting officers. Just now a young officer was hunted by Transport Mafia who had to knock doors of Supreme Court to get relief. The cost of litigation is huge which an honest officer cannot afford.

  5. Nepotism does not exist in education or politics alone,Can we imagine such a situation in prevailing system of law or justice,not shocking it is real.
    (That is how cynics say law is like a spider's web).
    According to news report published in a reputed newspaper the advocate's association in Rajasthan passed a resolution that no
    judge from Rajasthan be transferred outside the state and no outsider judge be transferred in Rajasthan.

  6. Brazen IAS Dadagiri in Bihar.

    Bihar IAS officers' association slams ATS for arresting Sudhir Kumar ex-Ch, BPSC for paper leakage.

    Demands reference of case to CBI and that no IAS officer be appointed to this post, in future.

    Their unionised behaviour attracts Conduct Rules.
    Hundreds of IAS officers and politicians who benefitted from the unethical practice in BPSC are expected be in the net,once inquiry is completed.

    Trust deficit between the IAS and IPS suits the political class.

    A K SAXENA (A retd civil servant)

  7. Law is equal for everyone whether he is an IAS or general public.Big thanks for honourable chief minister of Bihar for taking bold step

  8. Need for Civil Services Reforms
    IAS coterie ,has turned into an elite Oligarchy, out of sync with ground reality.
    Simmering discontentment in other services, has blocked the services delivery mechanism.

    Ignoring 20 odd downtrodden civil Services ( IPS, IRS etc) might trigger a grassroots rebellion This could throw the elites out of office.

    I have no axe to grind.

    But, artificial discrimination will hit the serving and future civil servants,below the belt,besides strengthening the on-going inter-Services acrimony.
    It happens in India, alone.

    Giving a 2 year initial edge to IAS over those less-fortunately circumstanced ,is arbitrary,irrational,discriminatory & bad in law,
    causing recurring damage to others.

    A wake-up call for GOI.
    My motive is not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. If anyone feels hurt due to difference in opinions, I seek apologies in advance.

    A K SAXENA (A retd civil servant)

  9. The views of an IPS officer are given below: