Thursday, December 15, 2016

“Misinformation campaign” against officers or “Laatshahi mentality” of bureaucrats? 10 Things on Neta-Babu tussle in Delhi

THE adoption of a resolution by AGMUT cadre IAS officers’ and the DANICS officers’ associations on Tuesday to appeal to the political executive of Delhi government not to resort to unfounded allegations and misinformation campaign against officers, after a minister calling an IAS officer “incompetent, useless n insensitive”, has created an uneasy situation among bureaucrats and political class in the national capital of Delhi. How did the issue originate and where it’s leading to? BoI here presents 10 facts to sum up this new Neta-Babu tussle:

1. The tussle began when Delhi’s health secretary and 1996 batch AGMUT cadre IAS Chandraker Bharti allegedly refusing to visit LNJP hospital with health minister Satyendar Jain on Sunday citing that he doesn’t have a car. The minister insisted on the visit to inspect the hospital after a patient died there due to lack of ventilator.
2. The issue escalated when minister Jain tweeted: “Shameful. LG has appointed the most incompetent, useless n insensitive IAS officer as health secy”.
3. A section of IAS and DANICS officers, who are working in the Delhi government, on Wednesday submitted a resolution passed by them against "misbehaviour" by political executives, to the Lieutenant Governor's office.
4. AGMUT cadre IAS officers’ and the DANICS ((Delhi and Andaman & Nicobar Islands Civil Service) officers’ associations on Tuesday passed a joint resolution “to appeal to the political executive in the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi [GNCTD] not to resort to misdemeanour, unfounded allegations, misinformation campaign, etc., against officers, under any circumstances”.
5. The associations further resolved “to act without any fear or favour as per the provisions of Constitution, to work in a fair manner and collectively voice against injustices of any kind by the political executive of the Delhi government meted out to the officers.”
6. Political executives of the Delhi government and the officers working there have been at loggerheads in several instances earlier. A year ago, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal called the bureaucrats the “B-team of the BJP” when many of them went on a strike after two officials were suspended. 
7. The representatives of the IAS and DANICS officers’ associations working in the Delhi government submitted the resolution also to Delhi government’s deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia.
8. Sisodia on Wednesday lambasted the resolution saying “Is it an IAS association or a political body? 
9. Deputy CM  added, it was high time that the bureaucracy came out of “Laatshahi mentality”.
10. BoI View: If the bureaucrats and the political class indulge in mudslinging, and tensions between  the two escalate in Delhi or for that matter anywhere in the country, it will only lead to policy paralysis and hampering of public services delivery. 


  1. Could the Health Secretary not have gone in the Health Minister's Car? Why are IAS officers kicking up controversies and falling in the eyes of public as a cadre?

  2. IAS LOBBY CAR KE BINA NAHI CHALTI BHAI....LAL BATTI IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LIFE OF A ORDINARY CITIZEN. these babus are corrupt, egoist with no exception. thjis cadre should be abolished. neta to paanch saal ke baad dikh ata hai...these babus have no responsibility,just aish karo.

  3. Clearly shows that his official car is more important....he could have called a cab, an ol, an uber or driven his he needs a chauffer driven car...laatsaheb ....inko hatao....

  4. Why were officers of some non-IAS organised services, jointly celebrating the slamming of IAS and DANICS officers by AAP CM / Ministers of NCT, Delhi ?

    The Delhi govt officers were labelled as incompetent, useless and insensitive, warned to come out of their “Laatsahab mindsets ”.

    All should jointly fight the political class,instead.

    A K SAXENA (A retd civil servant)