Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Govt may prematurely repatriate Dr Adapa Karthik to Punjab cadre; asks KS Raj to wait before getting inter-cadre deputation to UP

THE government may soon prematurely repatriate 2008 batch Punjab cadre IAS Dr Adapa Karthik from AGMUT (Chandigarh administration) to Punjab cadre, but has rejected the proposal of inter cadre deputation of 2011 batch Punjab cadre IAS Kumar Saurabh Raj from Punjab cadre to Uttar Pradesh cadre, as he has not completed the required service of nine years in the cadre to be eligible for inter-cadre deputation, according to...
minutes of a meeting held on June 15, 2016, under the chairmanship of DoPT secretary Sanjay Kothari to consider the cases of inter cadre deputation and inter-cadre transfers and extension.
In fact, IAS Karthik will go abroad for study on a sabbatical between August 2016 and July 2018. The Kothari-headed panel, while taking up his case of premature repatriation from AGMUT to Punjab cadre, directed “to seek vigilance status of the officer and put up ACC note for premature repatriation of the officer to ACC”. In other words, he gets the nod, barring the technicalities.
Karthik, 36, is a doctor-turned IAS originally belonging to Andhra Pradesh. On the other hand, Raj who wanted an inter-cadre deputation to Uttar Pradesh belongs to Uttar Pradesh only. An MSc in botany from the University of Allahabad, 37-year-old IAS now has to wait, before he could apply for inter-cadre deputation.
In case of the request of extension of deputation of 2006 batch Haryana cadre IAS Ms A Mona Sreenivas to AGMUT cadre for a further period of one year beyond July 11, 2016, the committee had sought clarifications in writing from the officer, when the proposal was placed earlier. Then the officer conveyed the reasons for extension. The committee after detailed deliberations recommended the proposal and directed to seek comments from state government of Haryana and ministry of home affairs (MHA) and vigilance status of the officer. “Thereafter, on receipt of requisite comments/consent, the proposal along with ACC note may be put up for the approval of ACC,” the minutes of the meeting, made public in the DoPT site, said.
Ms Sreenivas, 38, originally hails from Chandigarh. A product of LSR college, Delhi, she did her MA and MPhil in English from Delhi University.  
Regarding the request for extension of deputation of 2009 batch Odisha cadre IAS Ms Gauri Parasher Joshi from Odisha cadre to Haryana, the panel directed to seek comments of state government of Haryana and Odisha. The extension was sought for a further period of two years beyond April 2017.
A product of St Stephens college, she did her MA in English from Delhi University and PG diploma course in journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communications (IIMC) before getting into IAS. 

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