Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Govt adds new foreign universities under DFFT 2016-17; Courses earmarked for GoI secretaries too

New courses in Harvard and ANZSOG are added in DFFT list
THE government has decided to add in the list of 2016-17 DFFT (Domestic Funding of Foreign Training) the names of more foreign universities and courses including short-term programmes at Harvard and ANZSOG, earmarked for officers at the rank up to secretaries of government of India. Also, as the admission process of programmes at London School Economics (LSE) and LKY School of Public Policy are over, if any officer has a confirmed admission in the said universities, the officer can be provided full funding, if eligible under the DFFT scheme and subject to the availability of slots, according to DoPT’s letter to chief secretaries and union secretaries dated April 11. Here are the new addition of the long-term and short term courses under DFFT 2016-17:

Long term programme 2016-17
1. University College London (MPA in public administration and management)
2. Australian National University (Master in Public Policy; MA in South Asia and global security)
3. King's College, London, UK (M.Sc in public services policy and management)
4. University of California, Berkeley, USA (EMPA)
5. University of Michigan (master of public administration)
6. Columbia University Global (EMPA)

Short term programmes 2016-17
1. Harvard University, USA (leaders in development: managing political and economic change; infrastructure in a market economy: public-private partnerships in a changing; leading successful social programs: using evidence to assess effectiveness; leadership for 21st century: chaos, conflict and courage; rethinking financial inclusion 2016; creating collaborative solutions; leadership decision making; emerging leaders; applying behavioural insights to the design of public policy)
2. ANZSOG, Australia (Advanced Leadership Programme)
3. London School of Economics (finance; managerial accounting and financial control; bargaining and negotiation: interests, information, strategy and power; the political economy public policy; international organisation: the institutions global governance) 
4. LKYS· Singapore (Essentials of policy development; smart policies for sustainable cities)
5. University of California Berkeley (Certificate programame in public policy)

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