Thursday, July 09, 2015

Why 2014 batch IAS Ms Kinny Singh can’t get a transfer to Haryana on grounds of marriage; secretary-headed panel shows her the rule book

GETTING married to an officer from another state does not guarantee an inter-cadre transfer. Sample this. The Centre has recently rejected the proposal of Ms Kinny Singh, a 2014 batch AGMUT cadre IAS officer for an inter-cadre transfer from AGMUT cadre to Haryana cadre on the grounds of marriage. The panel under the chairmanship DoPT secretary Sanjay Kothari decided not to recommend the Ms Singh’s case of inter-cadre transfer because her spouse is...
a non-AIS officer posted in Haryana. According to guidelines, cadre-change is permitted to All India Service (AIS) officers on grounds of marriage to another AIS officer or extreme hardship (viz threat to life/severe health problems due to climate or environment of the state), as reiterated by the DoPT panel. Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS) and Indian Forest Service (IFoS) are three all-India services.
The same panel, however, gave in-principle nod to four other cases of inter-cadre transfer on the grounds of marriage though the final decision would be taken after no-objections are received from the state governments concerned. Those three cases are:
1. Ms Manisha Khatri, 2014 batch Karnataka cadre IAS from Karnataka cadre to Maharashtra cadre on the grounds of marriage to Jalaj Sharma, a 2014 batch Maharashtra cadre IAS.
2. Ms Manisha Khatri, 2014 batch Karnataka cadre IAS from Karnataka cadre to Maharashtra cadre on the grounds of marriage.
3. Ms Swadha Dev, 2014 batch Sikkim cadre IAS from Sikkim cadre to Orissa cadre on the grounds of marriage to Chanchal Rana, 2014 batch Odisha cadre IAS.
4. Ms Kritika Sharma, 2014 batch West Bengal IAS from West Bengal to Uttar Pradesh on the grounds of marriage to Abhishek Anand, 2014 batch UP cadre IAS.

Meanwhile, the panel has rejected three requests which are as follows:
1. Manish Kumar, 2005 batch Bihar cadre IAS who asked for an inter-cadre deputation from Bihar to Uttar Pradesh
2. Lalbiaktluanga Khiangte, 1988 batch Jharkhand cadre IAS who asked for inter-cadre deputation from Jharkhand to AGMUT (Mizoram segment)
3. Dheeraj Kumar, 2005 batch Maharashtra cadre IAS who asked for inter-cadre deputation from Maharashtra to Uttar Pradesh.
In case of Gurrala Sreenivasulu, 2005 batch UP cadre IAS who wanted an inter-cadre deputation from Uttar Pradesh cadre to Andhra Pradesh cadre, the problem was non-submission of medical documents to prove ill health of his mother and brother, for which the appeal was made.
In case of 1997 batch Assam cadre IAS Shyam Jagannathan’s request for extension of inter-cadre deputation from Assam-Meghalaya cadre to Kerala cadre, the government of Assam has rejected the appeal twice, thereby making it difficult for the panel to recommend the case. His father Col (retd) C Jagannathan appealed before the panel to take up the matter with the government of Assam.
In case of 2011 batch Himachal Pradesh cadre IAS Lalit Jain too, his father took up the matter and made an appeal for his son’s inter-cadre transfer from Himachal Pradesh cadre to Haryana cadre. But the proposal was rejected twice earlier, and the panel gave a firm “no” to the appeal.


  1. The system is unfair. While the case of my Batchmate has not been accepted but case of Smt Gauri Parasher has been approved. Gauri Presher is daughter of Manjula Prasher who is chief Information Commissioner. Her father R N Prasher retired as Electricty Board Chief. Gauri Presher married IAs officer of Haryana cadre. Her father also Haryan cadre IAS.

  2. DoPT has not stated why this rule was framed..should an officer who is already married give divorce and get married again to AIS officer to have a normal convenient family life? The so called "rule-book" has been unfairly framed by DoPT only which they are showing to their own fraternity.
    How can they expect juniors to have "OUT-OF-THE-BOX" thinking when they are themselves unable to provide out of the box solutions.

  3. There is only one rule in India:

    Show me the face and I will show you the rule.

  4. This is unfair. Husband-wife posting must be same place otherwise family broken due to unreasonable mismatching of their happy life.

  5. This is ridiculous! Beats any logic....