Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Inter-Cadre Deputation: Father’s ill-health and grandmother’s disability don’t guarantee a homecoming

THE grandmother of this lady officer is disabled and aged 89. Her father has ill health. And in her joint family, she claims, she needs to take care of four widow members. But that’s not enough for this 2008 batch Bihar cadre IAS, Ashima Jain to manage an inter-cadre deputation from Bihar to the Delhi segment of AGMUT cadre, demonstrating the reality that inter-cadre deputation, forget transfer, is not an easy proposition. The government has rejected Ms Jain’s proposal of moving to Delhi on deputation citing the reason that the...
cadre controlling authority (the ministry of home affairs in her case), “has not given ‘NOC’ for the proposed extension”. “It has been decided not to recommend the case of the officer for extension of inter cadre deputation period. Accordingly, the Govt. of Bihar has been conveyed the above decision with a copy to the officer vide letter dated 27.04.2015,” according to a DoPT circular giving status of inter-cadre deputation proposals updated till April 28.
For Vijay Singh, 1999 batch Haryana cadre IAS who sought for inter cadre deputation from Haryana cadre to Punjab cadre, the government has sought clarification from the officer regarding “what exactly his family circumstances” are.
In case of deputy secretary in the PMO and 2003 batch UP cadre IAS Mayur Maheshwari’s request for inter-cadre deputation from UP to Haryana is concerned, the proposal became “infructuous” as he got a posting in the PMO. In case of her spouse Ritu Maheshwari, the government decided to “take a fresh view as to whether she would like to go on inter cadre deputation to Haryana cadre”.
The other officers whose deputation proposals were not accepted, include Abhiskek Chandra, 2003 batch IAS (seeking inter-cadre deputation from Manipur-Tripura to Maharashtra cadre), Jyoti Kalash, 1990 batch Nagaland cadre IAS (from Nagaland cadre to AGMUT cadre), Laima Chozah, 1988 batch West Bengal cadre IAS (from West Bengal cadre to Mizoram segment of AGMUT cadre), Vijay Kumar Mantri, 2007 batch IAS (from Assam-Meghalaya cadre to Tenlangana cadre), Ms Karuna Kumari, 2010 Assam cadre IAS (from Assam-Meghalaya cadre to Bihar cadre), Ms Sonal Goel, 2008 batch Manipur-Tripura cadre IAS (from Manipur Tripura cadre to Haryana cadre), M Gopal Reddy, 1985 batch MP cadre IAS (from Madhya Pradesh cadre to Telangana) etc.
In some cases, clarifications were sought before their request for inter-cadre deputation could be considered. For example, the government has sought some clarifications on the proposal of Vikas Sitaramji Bhale, 1999 batch Rajasthan cadre IAS seeking inter-cadre deputation from Rajasthan cadre to Maharashtra cadre.
At times, there has been a delay in taking a call because of clerical mistakes. For example, Dr (Ms) Pratima Satish Kumar, 2002 batch Bihar cadre IAS sought for inter cadre deputation from Bihar cadre to Karnataka cadre. But the government of Bihar while conveying its “No Objection” erroneously mentioned Kerala cadre instead of Karnataka cadre!


  1. If every IAS officer wants to migrate to "Home" cadre on deputation, then why not abolish such all India services?

    Provincial Civil Services (PCS) can manage the bureaucracy in India very well!

  2. PCS officers are puppets in the hands of politicians ranging from panchayat president.

  3. Don't join this service if you are a homey.