Monday, March 16, 2015

You have two choices: Watching Dhoni’s boys on TV or babus playing cricket in Delhi

 IF MS Dhoni’s men in blue can perform in the world cup cricket, why can’t the babus do? Civil servants serving across the nation will get together and participate in All India Civil Services Cricket Tournament, (being organized by Central Civil Services Culture and Sports Board) to be played in New Delhi between March 18 and 25, 2015. And like all sarkari rules such as civil services conduct rules, here are the cricket rules being minutely framed for the tournament purpose:

1. Matches will be of 20 or 30 or 40 over games.
2. No bowler will be allowed to bowl 1/5th of the stipulated over.
3. In 20-over match, drinks will be provided after 10 overs.
4. The innings of the first batting side will start at 9 in the morning, and the innings of the second team will begin at 2.15 pm. If the game does not start by 11 am/2.40 pm, it will be declared as washed out (meaning no results), and the winner of the match will be decided by ‘spin of coin’.
5. What will happen if there is a tie? The result of the match will be decided by ‘spin of coin’.
6. Is there a “power play” like a World Cup match? No. But according to the tournament rules, only 4 fielders can stay inside 30 yards throughout the match. Also, not more than 5 field-men will be allowed to field on the onside of the field.
7. Only 2 short pitched balls are allowed to be played per over.
8. Is there a provision of “free hit”? Yes, “free hit” will be given in case of foot fault no ball.
9. Tournament will played on turf wickets.
10. No protests will be entertained against the umpire’s decision.
11. "For any issue the Tournament committee will not be challenged in the Court of Law”.
(But is the rule 11 valid under law? Maybe, the legal fraternity may be able to throw light on it)

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