Friday, December 12, 2014

Senior officers may soon take classes in schools every Tuesday and Thursday before reaching office

DON’T get surprised if you spot a high-ranked PMO or home ministry official taking a class at a senior secondary school before reaching his office. In a new government scheme tentatively called “Interaction of officers with School Students” to be launched shortly, senior officials will be encouraged to visit a school, a Kendriya Vidyalayas or a Navo Vidayalaya, between 7 and 9 in the morning and share their perspective with the students. The scheme could be...
named as Sampark or Rashtra Nirman or Garv. In an office memorandum dated December 10, 2014, suggestions are being asked about the contour and also the title of the proposed scheme. As the draft guideline says, the initiative will help sensitize the senior government officers about the mind-set and aspirations of students. The interactive classes are proposed on every Tuesday and Thursday in a week.
In fact, the department of school education and literacy that comes under the HRD ministry in collaboration with DoPT have been working on the scheme, taking a cue from prime minister Narendra Modi’s address to the students on September 5, 2014 when he had said that there are many doctors, engineers and officials/civil servants who wish to volunteer to teach and interact with students in a school.
The officers are expected to address for 20 minutes followed by an interaction with the students. Presentations could be made in the form of film clips, videos, story-telling, quiz etc. Special emphasis can be laid on officers who have done a foreign posting or a foreign training.
The department of school education and literacy will create a web link on the ministry’s website where officers who wish to make a presentation can indicate their topic, choice of state, choice of school etc.


  1. Great Idea. Fully endorsed. We in the services are the best India offers and we owe it to our Nation to give back to society what we can. Educating kids is something we can do. Twice a week in a neighbourhood school, such as a Community, Minority or public school should be programmed with a feedback report card. Must kick start in Jan. 2015 without any delay.

  2. Is there any elementary school that could take an initiative under the supervision of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India to understand the needs, desires and compulsions of Babus working as government employees and those are mandatory for a people's representative ( MP that turns minister )?

    In my opinion, the basic flaw in our system needs to be corrected before we talk about developing the basic infrastructure.

    Suggestions I have are as follows :

    1. A minister should be allowed to pick his personal staff.

    2. Minimum qualification for the staff should be - IAS /IIM /IIT with minimum 3 years of experience in any government posting with no criminal cases pending against him /her.

    3. A sworn affidavit from the staff to be taken with declared assets of the self, spouse and relatives.

    It's very important to state here that a minister can easily be rejected or neglected by the electoral process but not the Babus so let's allow him or her to pick own team and feel empowered.

    A proposal : If any minister or ministry wants to develop any project without public funds, could write to :

    NOTE FOR POLITICAL PARTY OF THE MINISTER : 1% of the project cost will be given by the PPP owner for any social cause of the constituency of the minister.