Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rash Decision? Govt gives extension to space secretary K Radhakrishnan beyond August 29

THE government has extended the tenure of Dr K Radhakrishnan, secretary of the department of space, beyond August 29, 2014, a move that some may argue should ideally be taken by the next government. The appointments committee of the cabinet (ACC) in an order dated April 22, said Radhakrishnan’s tenure would now continue till…
December 31, 2014, and that was done “on functional grounds and in public interest”. Though the space secretary’s post is not a politically sensitive one, an extension beyond August 29, when the new government is likely to take over next month, may kick up another row. The move is significant in the backdrop of reports that Union government had initiated plans to rush through some major appointments.
Signed by ACC secretary BP Sharma, the April 22 order said: “The appointments committee of the cabinet has approved the extension of tenure of Dr K Radhakrishnan, secretary, department of space and chairman of Space Commission beyond August 29, 2014 and till December 31, 2014, on functional grounds and in public interest.” The ACC, which takes appointment decisions on senior officials, is headed by prime minister himself.
An electrical engineering and IIM-Bangalore product, 64-year-old Radhakrishnan began his career as an avionics engineer in 1971 in ISRO’s Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Trivandrum.
In ISRO’s official website, Radhakrishnan is described as “a technocrat par excellence; a dynamic and result-oriented Manager with very fine personal and inter-personal qualities; an astute Institution-builder with a strategic vision; an able Administrator with a positive attitude; and an inspiring Leader credited with nurturing leadership skills in the younger generation.”
There is no doubt about Radhakrishnan's credentials as an administrator. And the appointment order says the extension was necessitated by public interest, and it was done on functional grounds. But the order did not explain what were those “public interests” and “functional grounds”?


  1. Dear Mr Radhakrishnan, Kindly explain about the public interests and the functional grounds for which your tenure got extended.

  2. Good Decision taken by the Govt to extend the tenure of Dr K Radhakrishnan.

  3. The manner in which MMS is showing haste in appointment/extensions to his favourites, it only proves that Manmohan Singh is NOT a man of principles. MMS got disproportionate credit for economic revival, however the verdict of history is that it was Narasimha Rao who was the real force behind economic revival. The firm, quiet manner in which Narasimha Rao took strong decisions without bragging or boasting actually was reason for economic revival. MMS was a passive weak subordinate even then and now. Due to his inactivity MMS has finished off instituions and the system collapsed. Policy Paralysis is a term specially and aptly coined for MMS. MMS knows his is a lame duck government, then why is he trying to stuff his own people against important posts. At the most he should restrict himself to giving three months extension and leave the rest to next Government. But MMS knows he is not coming back, MMS lacks ethics and is a manipulative person who tries to show publicly he is honest but does not practice honesty. He has been distributing such alms from day one of his tenure, as a result all institutions have been decimated. MMS has chosen persons who are his own shadow to head institutions. Therefore we have a bunch of self seeking opportunists. MMS blamed coalition dharma for his incompetence, his appointees follow his example. They enjoy perks and do nothing. why take decisions, raise questions, risk their peace of mind by explaining. No work, no results, no explaining. The country is thirsting for an explanation, but there is a dead wall before them. Kick it, beat it - no answers. You will only hurt yourself. This is the state of affairs in the country today.

  4. This is a ridiculously senseless reporting doubting the public interest involved in the extension of a few months to an eminent scientist. Nowhere else in the world you could see such worthless reporters shameless pieces are published.