Tuesday, April 22, 2014

45 IAS of 1984 batch empanelled as additional secretary or equivalent. Full List

THE government on Monday released the list containing names of 41 IAS officers who were empanelled as additional secretaries and another four as additional secretary-equivalent to government of India. All belong to 1984 batch IAS.
Among the officers, five are from Madhya Pradesh cadre, four each from Tamil Nadu and Assam cadre, three each from Kerala, Odisha, Himachal Pradesh and UP cadre each. Full list below:

Additional Secretary Rank
Kumar Arvind Singh Deo (UP cadre)
2. Deepak Kumar (Bihar cadre)
3. Durga Shanker Mishra (UP cadre)
4. Arun Kumar Panda (Odisha cadre)
5. Ravi Kant (Bihar cadre)
6. Basant Pratap Singh (Madhya Pradesh cadre)
7. Anup Chandra Pande (UP cadre)
8. Tarun Shridhar (Himachal Pradesh cadre)
9.  Ajay Tyagi (Himachal Pradesh cadre)
10. R Rajagopal (Tamil Nadu cadre)
11. Bhagwan Sahai (Maharashtra cadre)
12. Reena Ray (UT cadre)
13. Nirmaljeet Singh Kalsi (Punjab cadre)
14. Malini V Shankar (Maharashtra cadre)
Udai Pratap Singh (Jharkhand cadre)
16. Vijaya Shrivastava (Madhya Pradesh cadre)
17. Alok Shrivastava (Madhya Pradesh cadre)
18. Shailendra Kumar Joshi (Andhra Pradesh cadre)
19. Pritam Singh (Rajasthan cadre)
20. Rajiv Kumar (Jharkhand cadre)
21. Anand Kumar (Kerala cadre)
22. Rashmi Shukla Sharma (Madhya Pradesh cadre)
23. Nilam Sawhney (Andhra Pradesh cadre)
24. ABP Pandey (Maharashtra cadre)
25. Ashok MR Dalawai (Odisha cadre)
26. T Jacob (Tamil Nadu cadre)
27. Ajay Prakash Sawhney (Andhra Pradesh cadre)
28. R Balakrishnan (Odisha cadre)
29. Ajoy G Mehta (Maharashtra cadre)
30. Ajay Kumar Bhalla (Assam cadre)
31. Alok Kumar (Assam cadre)
32. DV Prasad (Karnataka cadre)
Smita Nagaraj (Tamil Nadu cadre)
34. Yashpal Singh (Manipur-Tripura cadre)
35. KV Eapen (Assam cadre)
36. VS Senthil (Kerala cadre)
37. Nikhilesh Jha (Manipur-Tripura cadre)
38. Jaideep Govind (Madhya Pradesh cadre)
39. Shakuntala Gamlin (UT cadre)
40. P Marapandiyan (Kerala cadre)
Ruolkhumlien Buhril (Tamil Nadu cadre)

Additional Secretary Equivalent
DN Narasimha Raju (Karnataka cadre)
Davinder Kumar (Assam cadre)
3. Prem Chand Dhiman (Himachal Pradesh cadre)
RP Meena (Manipur-Tripura cadre)


  1. Its very informative. Thanks

  2. The rank of Joint Secretary, GOI is equivalent to rank and pay (SAG) scale of Major General rank in Army/Air Force/Navy.

    An officer in armed forces take almost 33 years to get to this rank. Officers in Group A civil services namely Central Secretariat Service, IES, ISS, IRS, IDAS and others take almost 27 to 28 years of service to get promoted. Some of the Group A take even 33 to 34 years of service to get promoted to this rank and scale.

    How is it that only IAS officers are promoted to JS, GOI (SAG) scale only after 19 to 22 years of service?

    1. They are the best selected through an open exam.

  3. No, because they control the system and discriminate against the others.

  4. They discriminate in their own favour. Long live discrimination.