Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Bureaucrats’ New Year Resolutions, 2014: Pure politics to simple wishes

FROM taking a resolution to free India from the Congress (#congressmuktbharat) to wishing the Indian Economy a great year, Indian bureaucrats have aired their best wishes in various social media platforms. BoI reproduces a few of those:
A Didar Singh, a former IAS officer and secretary general of industry body Ficci, wishes the Indian economy. “Dear Indian Economy, here’s wishing you a great year!” he Tweets.
PVS Sarma, ex-tax officer and admirer of Narendra Modi, talks about India free from the Congress. “My New Year resolution: will not rest until Shri @narendramodi gets the responsibility of saving the nation and make #congressmuktbharat”. Sarma is also a member BJP National Executive Arts and Culture Cell.
Prasanna Mishra, a former IAS and ex-coal secretary, wishes for our “behaviour and belief in harmony”.  “#Year2013 made the Red Beacon Light irrelevant; it empowered Aam Aadmi and brought in fear of God in the tormentors”, Mishra tweeted.
Another ex-civil servant Ratna Vishwanathan who calls herself a “proud mother” and “eternal optimist” wishes 2014 to bring “joy, peace, success and well-being to you and all your loved ones”. Vishwanathan is a development sector professional and a part-time painter.
Odisha government official Arvind Padhee has three New Year resolutions: To respect his conscience in workplace; not to be harsh on anyone; and taking care of health.
Later on the day, Railway Board chairman Arunendra Kumar called upon all railwaymen to provide "service with a smile".  "In the New Year our emphasis should be to focus on providing our customers with a pleasant experience in their interaction with the Railways-be it passenger or freight. ‘Service with a smile’ was never so relevant as it is today", he said.

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  1. Why this Kolaveri, Kolaveri Koo?? With AAP in power in Delhi NCT, we can expect major change in Raisina hill very soon. There is special need for transparency and objective ways of working on the part of the powers that be in DoPT as well as PMO and Cab Sec. The arbitrary ways of working have generated so much resentment that the public is turning towards forces like AAP or NaMO.
    Why this over reliance on UP cadre in empanelment? In 1978 batch, 10 of the 33 officers empanelled are from UP. In 1979 batch 4 out of 33 is a little better. The figures for 1980 are dismal, 3 out 23 are from UP. (Cab Sec and Principal Sec are from UP cadre.)
    UP is just one among 35 jurisdictions in this country. Should we not have a just spread.
    There is also a related question, where are the balance 10 to be empanelled in the 1980 batch to come from? More from UP? And why the delay in announcing the balance? No time or something else?
    Time for Cab Sec and PMO to introspect. If not, AAP will ask them one day.