Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Know your UPSC Member and ex-Railway Board chairman Vinay Mittal

FORMER Railway Board chairman and 1975 batch retired Indian Railway Traffic Service officer Vinay Mittal is the new Member of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). An August 12, 2013 order said the appointment would come into effect from forenoon of August 8, for a period of…
“six years or until he attains the age of 65, whichever is earlier.”
Mittal who had served as General Manager of South Eastern Railway replaced Vivek Sahai as Railway Board chairman on June 30, 2011.
In his long career in Indian Railways, Mittal had worked as general manager of North Western Railway, additional general manager, Central Railway, divisional railway manager, Bilaspur, chief passenger transportation manager, chief freight transportation manager, chief commercial manager and chief operations manager of Central Railway and executive director, Traffic Transportation (Movement) in Railway Board.
He was a member of the Indian delegation which visited USA and China in 2005-06 in connection with wagon designs and freight operations. Mittal is also credited with improvement in freight loading and punctuality performance in Central Railway and North Western Railway.
As the Railway Board chairman, Mittal had to anchor the 14-lakh-strong railway parivar during the turbulent phase witnessing quick change of railway ministers and surfacing of the cash-for-post scam, popularly called Railgate.
At a personal level, Mittal is known to be honest, soft-spoken and highly well-mannered. In many ways, aspirants facing the UPSC interview should feel happy if they spot Mittal in the panel.


  1. He is out and out a gentleman. There are lessons to be learned from him

  2. The first officer from Railways to become the Chairman, UPSC is probably Shri J P Gupta, an IRSME officer who also retired as Chairman, Railway Board.

  3. He is not an honest person, as is being made out on this Forum. Perhaps, GOI does not have an effective mechanism to weed out the corrupt and immoral officers from its ranks, though there is a specific column for it in the APAR proforma.

  4. Mr Vinay Mittal is among the finest that babudom throws up.His probity is beyond the pale of doubt as are his commitment to work and his ability for sustained elbow grease.He is what you can call a leader by example.

  5. I dont know about this person.

  6. ????? ????? ?????

  7. He is actually a corrupt babu. ANd is now ruining UPSC. Please remove him from UPSC.