Monday, August 12, 2013

Shakti Sinha: Powerful bureaucrat of Vajpayee era seeks to leave service

Shakti Sinha, a 1979 batch AGMUT cadre IAS and highly influential joint secretary of Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s PMO in late 90s, has sought to leave the service. Sinha, currently finance secretary in Delhi government states in his VRS application that he wants to concentrate on…
economic policies and governance issues after leaving his job. Sinha who also served as private secretary to Vajpayee, has four more years to retire from the service.
During the NDA regime, he went to Washington DC as senior adviser to executive director of the World Bank. Then, he was on a UN mission to Afghanistan coordinating issues relating to national development strategy and governance issues. Sinha became so engrossed into the Afghan affairs that he became an Afghanistan expert and wrote a number of newspaper articles on the subject.
Later, he became the chief secretary of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and then CMD of Delhi Transco Limited.
Sinha is post-graduate both in history and international communication and policy.
Last year, Sinha came under scrutiny when an IRS officer wrote to cabinet secretary Ajit K Seth complaining against Sinha of harassment and “sending of obscene text messages”. The woman officer is reportedly known to Sinha’s wife, also an IRS officer.


  1. May be he is outstanding bureaucrat or once upon a time he was powerful due to the private Secretary of the Prime Minister. But a lady IRS officer complained against him for harassment. It is stunning, till date no action has been taken against him. At this juncture might be disciplinary action against him will be coming soon and his powerful bureaucrat friends suggested him for the VRS. It is disgusting but good for the system, if his VRS accepted. Character is important rather than brilliance .System does not want these kinds of bureaucrats.

    1. Dear MR. anil sharma,
      such small gimmicks and petty politics are normal at this level, better don't comment on someones character especially if you don't know the person, give me your address i can send across at-least 10 females(respected and much better educated than you) who can very-well accuse you of molesting them (n i promise you MR. anil sharma you won't be able to do a jack about it), n them i will come in n question your CHARACTER.
      For your kind information the man in question has been through a glorious and clean career and also holds a proved track-record of delivering results. He can not be charged with such stupid allegations, had he been guilty he certainly would not have applied for any VRS instead could've easily remained in power and suppressed the issue.
      The irony with this 'gentleman' (yes MR. anil sharma you read that correct; he is a GENTLEMAN) is that whenever it comes to his promotions he always has such master-planners to plan and plant such wrong allegations against him. Thats just because he has been with Mr.ABV. and this present govt. can have their cows n horses promoted but anyone who is or has ever been associated with BJP (no matter how productive he is and irrespective of his track record or merit) can not make it to the TOP POSTS.

  2. May be he has plans to contest the next Lok Sabha elections on a BJP ticket.

  3. I loved the way how PR works for people like Shakti Sinha. The moment someone raised an allegation against him, especially a woman, see how an anonymous reply comes in to vouch about his character. If you, the anonymous PR, are so sure about Shakti Sinha's character, why don't you show the courage to talk about it openly by signing your name publicly. A person with clean record shows his smartness to cover up his negativity and does not represent a spotless record of his personal activities behind the scenes.

  4. Babus network to loot. India prospered whatever little, 'inspite' of them
    India is so far behind, it is 'due' to Babus.
    They network with industry before they want to leave. You will find them with an industrialist who benefitted due to them.
    India will do better, if babus are reduced by 50%, assessment done @5yr, promotion is 1in3.
    In addition they must have attachment with Army at Siachen for three months every five years.

    They have NO accountability. Correspondence by a babu starts with 'I am directed to state'.

    God bless India if IAS doesn't domesticate from ICS mode. The conduct as representative of a ruling power IE ICS.

  5. ineresting debate!very essential for Democracy