Monday, January 07, 2013

Women Safety: Central IAS Association’s list of suggestions to Verma panel

A 17th Century Painting on Rape and Atrocities
Central IAS Association has suggested that the government should make it mandatory for all senior government recruits to sign a declaration that “they have not and will not either give or take dowry”. The Association which wants definition of rape to be changed to include marital rape, however, opposes “castration and other abnormal kinds of punishment”. In the wake of the recent gang-rape incident in Delhi, here are some of the suggestions submitted by Indian Civil and Administrative Service (Central) Association to JS Verma Commission appointed to examine the present laws on safety and dignity of women.
1) The definition of rape needs to be amended to include penetration by a foreign body without consent and forced sexual activity of any kind.
2) Marital rape has to be accepted as rape, equivalent to rape by any other person.
3) Since the law now accepts homosexuality, rape of a male has to be recognised.
4) Punishment for such rape should be rigorous imprisonment of a length as found appropriate by the proportionality test, but not less than five years. However, castration and other abnormal kinds of punishment are repugnant to a civilised society and should not be included.
5) On the lines of the rape law of Norway, a separate section defining aggravated rape including gang rape, and violent assault with the intention to cause bodily harm, including acid attacks, needs to be created. Any rape of a minor below 12 years of age should also be treated as aggravated rape. This section must attract life imprisonment (till death, not till fourteen years) and death penalty as punishment.
6) Rape proved to be committed by a juvenile must attract the same punishment as in the case of others after the convict attains majority.
7) The section on molestation/outraging the modesty of a woman needs to clearly include stalking, stripping, and any other action with the intent to insult and harm a female on the basis of gender. Punishment in these cases should be a minimum of three years RI.
8) Opaque boundary walls should not be allowed to be of a height exceeding 4 feet. If a higher fencing is needed for a security reason it should be made of wires or bars.
9) Liquor shops should not be allowed near bus stops or metro station entry points.
10) Self-defence classes should be made mandatory for girls from Class VI onwards.


  1. Kudos to service people. Indeed it is this that has made our India keep clicking and keep moving in the right direction. Truely without this steelframe our country would have collapsed. Also a big salute to Sardar Patel for envisaged such service and gave constitutional safeguard.

  2. Some of these are very good recommendations. Who are the IAS behind drafting those?

  3. Textile secretary Kiran Dhingra, a 1975 batch IAS, is the president of the Association. No idea, who actually drafted it.