Friday, January 04, 2013

Ex-IAS Quraishi for lowering age of adulthood, lists out 5 causes of early puberty

FORMER Chief Election Commissioner of India and 1971 batch retired IAS Dr SY Quraishi has strongly advocated lowering of age of adulthood to 16 years as “puberty age has dropped significantly”. In social networking site Twitter, Quraishi on Friday gave five reasons why today’s teens have early puberty:
1) Better health/nutrition
2) Lifestyle changes
3) Fast foods increase insulin level which increases sex hormones
4) Exposure to sex through media and internet enhances sexual thinking
5) Exposure to promiscuity provokes sexual stimulation
Minutes after the former IAS aired his views in the social networking site, Padmashri awardee and senior physician cardiologist Dr KK Aggarwal seconded him. “…this is medically true. insulin resistance, high insulin levels, facial hairs all are seen in teen girls. mean puberty age in girls is 10-12 years today,” said the doctor.
Quraishi further said, “Legal debate on juvenile delinquency should consider these (arguments)”.
The issue has cropped up in the backdrop of the involvement of a 17-year-old boy in the recent Delhi gang rape case who could get away with mild punishment as he is below 18. A section of people have demanded the government should lower the age of adulthood to 16 years.
Quraishi became active in social networking days before his retirement as CEC at the age of 65. As the Chief Election Commissioner, he had worked closely with young voters and resorted to social media to interact with GenNext voters. He used to reply their queries online.
Quraishi is the author of two amazing papers “Islam, Muslims and Family Planning in India” and “Islam and AIDS”.


  1. Chhattisgarh cadre IAS Alex Paul Menon ‏writes: "I demnd lifer 4 rapists includin so cald juvnile"

  2. I support the demand for lowering the adulthood age