Thursday, November 15, 2012

Zohra Chatterji, Katoch, Khosla among 32 IAS of 1979 batch empanelled as secretaries; Bharat Bhusan not in

HIGH profile IAS officers of 1979 batch including Zohra Chatterji of coal ministry, enforcement director Rajan S Katoch, and Jitesh Khosla who had narrowly missed UTI top post --- all have made into the final list of empanelled secretaries that was officially announced on Thursday. The conspicuous absence was EK Bharat Bhusan who as the Director General of Civil Aviation took on the government on the issue of Kingfisher Airlines. Here are 32 IAS officers of 1979 batch who were empanelled for secretary or secretary-equivalent positions:
Syamal Kumar Sarkar (West Bengal cadre), Rajiv Gupta (Uttarakhand cadre), Sudhir Bhargava (Rajasthan cadre), Prasanna Kumar Mohanty (Andhra Pradesh cadre), Siraj Hussain (Uttar Pradesh cadre), Zohra Chatterji (Uttar Pradesh cadre), LV Nagarajan (Karnataka cadre), Nilanjan Sanyal (Orissa cadre), Amitabh Rajan (Maharashtra cadre), S Machendranathan (Tamil Nadu cadre), Rajan S Katoch (MP cadre), Jugal Kishore Mohapatra (Orissa cadre), Sunil Kumar (Chhattisgarh cadre), Jitesh Khosla (Assam cadre), Ravindra Singh (Uttar Pradesh cadre), R Ramanujam (Madhya Pradesh cadre), Gauri Kumar (Gujarat cadre), Anup Kumar Thakur (Assam cadre), Afzal Amanullah (Bihar cadre), G Mohan Kumar (Orissa cadre), LC Goyal (Kerala cadre), Vinay Sheel Oberoi (Assam cadre), V Somasundaran (Kerala cadre), Anita Kaul (Karnataka cadre), Vandana Kumari Jena (Orissa cadre), Bimal Julka (Madhya Pradesh cadre), Lalit K Panwar (Rajasthan cadre), Sneh Lata Kumar (Madhya Pradesh cadre), Ashok Sampatram (Rajasthan cadre) and BK Dev Varma (Assam cadre). In addition, CS Kedar (Karnataka cadre) and Meera Mehrishi (Rajasthan cadre) have been empanelled as secretary-equivalent.


  1. Very few from Kerala! A lot from MP cadre.

  2. When Vigilance Angle Complaint is long pending with CVC against Jitesh Khosla, can he be promoted?