Tuesday, October 09, 2012

2 politicians ridicule civil servants while defending Robert Vadra’s "DLF deals"

Robert Vadra
AT LEAST two politicians have indirectly ridiculed civil servants while forcefully supporting Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra who was accused by former IRS officer and now politician Arvind Kejriwal of allegedly receiving cheap properties and interest free loan from real estate company DLF. First, it was...
former law minister and now Karnataka Governor HR Bhardwaj who had questioned Kejriwal’s credentials for questioning Vadra. “Kejriwal is no expert. He was an IRS officer”, Bhardwaj told reporters. It was not intentional on the part of Governor Bhardwaj to ridicule IRS officers who incidentally are some of the best analytical minds among Indian civil servants. It was a spontaneous remark based on his belief that IRS officers are good for nothing fellows.
During the day, another politician debating on the same Vadra-DLF topic, made an observation which die-hard civil servants would not take it kindly. Angered by ex-cabinet secretary TSR Subrahmanian’s argument that Robert Vadra who is “not strictly a private person” must come clean by declaring everything, Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari said in a television show on Monday night, “Thank God, Indian civil servants are not judges. Otherwise, there would have been anarchy in this country.” Tiwari’s argument was that if a former cabinet secretary could demand action (against Vadra) based on what he called false allegations and insinuation, there would have adverse judgements had the IAS officers acted as judges too.


  1. Governor Bhardwaj's anger, I think, is not directed against IRS or I-T officers. It's against Kejriwal. Also, getting the information from company registrar office is hardly a rocket science.

  2. Loose comments have become a way of life for many , to make a point. Its high time, the Beauracracy stood up for themselves.
    Totally agree with TSR Subrahmanian’s comments.
    Every one seem to be more focussed on "why" the issue is raised, not on truths or "facts".

  3. Uff, we should get rid of the Indian Civil Service. Its more of an uncivil disservice. Most of the chaps who join these days are out and out here for loot only. Even the so called pampered national capital sees open sewers and potholed roads. They dont do their work. Only play politics all the time. Chuck them out I say.

  4. Bharadwaj is very much a friend of Congress and everyone knows that. No surprise he said that.