Monday, July 11, 2011

Is GK Pillai heading for Goa as Governor?

GK Pillai, a 1972 batch IAS who has just retired as Union home secretary, could be appointed as Governor of Goa. Pillai, who withdrew his candidature for the post of Central Vigilance Commissioner at the last moment, is told that he would be made the Governor either of Goa or of a North-East state, sources said.
If he is appointed as Goa governor, he would replace 82-year-old Shivinder Singh Sidhu who became Governor of Manipur in August 2004, and then Governor of Goa from July 8, 2008. Sidhu is a 1952 batch retired IAS.
Though Pillai made a section of the establishment unhappy because of his outspoken nature, he is widely seen as an honest and outstanding officer. If sources in the corridors of power are to be believed, Pillai is bound to get a post-retirement government assignment. Foreign secretary Nirupama Rao, a 1973 batch IFS, will head for Washington as India’s ambassador to US after her retirement, and defence secretary Pradeep Kumar will go straight to the CVC’s office after he retires at the end of the month. Even Pillai’s wife Sudha Pillai who was a cabinet secretary contender two years ago, was made Member Secretary of Planning Commission at the rank of a minister of state after her retirement.

Action and Appointments
a) The tenure of Cabinet secretariat’s joint secretary Govind Mohan, a 1989 batch Sikkim cadre IAS, has been extended for a period of one year beyond July 8, 2011. Before joining the cabinet secretariat, Mohan was joint secretary in department of economic affairs under finance ministry handling Public Private Partnership among others.
b) VN Rai, a 1977 batch Haryana cadre IPS, presently serving as additional director general, BSF has been appointed as special director general, BSF.
c) The Central deputation tenure of Vineet Garg, a 1991 batch Haryana cadre IAS, has been extended for three months beyond May 28, 2011. He is currently a director in the ministry of shipping.

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  1. Looks like the esteemed Governorship has been reduced to post retirement rehabilitation of powerful Secretrary level babus. What new value add will G.K. Pillai bring to the state of Goa compared to when he was at Center at Secretary/Addl.Secretary level positions. For that matter what value add or contribution did SS Sidhu make to the NE states while serving there for two terms. Don't know why Nirupama Rao is being rehabilitated as an Amabassador to US on her retirement. Is an Ambassador to US for such purposes. If government looks around, there would be atleast ten more qualified minds/profiules than Ms.Rao who could be sent to Washington and who would have excelled in that position in these challenging times [akin to former Ambassadors like Abid Hussain or SS Ray or Karan Singh]. Why is Ms.Rao being rewarded when she had a very lacklustre 2 year stint as Foreign Secretary. And the outgoing Ambassador Ms.Meera Shankar is a batchmate of Ms.Nirupama Rao...strange...isn't it? Why would Ms.Rao accept a position which in many ways used to report to herself...very strange. Is our country running short of people of talent and stature beyond bureaucracy. Is there a dearth of talent amongst our professionals, academicians, scientists, writers, private sector executives, etc. Why do retired babus who enjoy unbridled power and privileges for years while in service do still want to keep it after their retirement also. They just want to cling on to it leaving no room for people from other sections of society to come up. And their erstwhile political masters collude with these babus in this process. The Governorship must not be made a rehabilitation place for disgruntled or semi-retired politicians or retired babus. Is anybody listening?