Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pak officers club denies entry to state civil servants

IT'S a story of a civil servants club across the border. Punjab Civil Officers Mess (PCOM) located at Lahore in Pakistan has been in news recently for denying membership to all provincial officers as the recreational hub was now positioned only for District Management Group (DMG) and Central Superior Services (CSS. In Indian context, it's like a story of forming a club exclusively for IAS with no entry sign for state civil servants officers. In fact, about 1,600 provincial cadre officers including those from the Provincial Civil Services (PCS), Provincial Secretariat Services (PSS) and the Provincial Management Services (PMS) of Pakistan were refused membership to the club having recreational, sporting and boarding facilities, a report in Daily Times said. New rules were introduced only recently to convert the club only for high ranked officers. Significantly, Central Superior Services of Pakistan, or CSS, is the highly prestigious and powerful Pakistani federal government department officers. About 100-150 officers are recruited every year in that elite service out of 8000 to 10,000 applicants. The CSS includes Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service, Police Service of Pakistan, District Management Group, Income Tax Group (ITG), Customs and Excise Group (CEG), Foreign Service of Pakistan (FSP), Postal Group (PG), Commerce & Trade Group (CTG), Railways Group (RG), Information Group (IG), Military Lands and cantonment Group (MLCG) and Officer Management Group (OMG). Though civil services of Pakistan like that of India are based on the British system, Musharraf government first initiated major administrative reforms. National Commission of Government Reforms (NCGR) under the chairmanship of Dr Ishrat Hussain, the former governor of State Bank of Pakistan, recommended in September 2007 that four CSS cadres --- Pakistan Railway Service, Pakistan Postal Service, Commerce and Trade Group, and the Information Service of Pakistan, should be axed. The recommendation wanted Postal and Railway Service to be made autonomous commercial bodies. Action & Appointments a) Sumanta Chaudhari, a 1985 batch West Bengal cadre IAS has been appointed against a newly created post of joint secretary in the Department of Commerce for a period of five years or until further orders. b) The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has approved the proposal of the department of atomic energy for central deputation tenure of Dr P Mukherjee, a 1980 batch IA&AS for a period of six months up to June 9, 2010 or until further orders. c) Justice Bilal Nazki, Judge of the Bombay High Court, will be the new Chief Justice of the Orissa High Court with effect from the date he assumes charge of his office. d) Lt Gen AK Singh becomes the GOC of the Strike Corps on the Western Front.

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  1. As it is evident from above news, the virus of apartheid is inflicting the Pakistan’s Civil Service also. Strange are the ways of human behavior. Despite joining the service from ranks and working in various echelon in the administration of state, the officers from the Provincial Civil Services (PCS), Provincial Secretariat Services (PSS) are discriminated on the petty issue of membership. The senior in the services can stoop so low that Provincial Civil Services (PCS), Provincial Secretariat Services (PSS) are not even allowed a club membership. Shame on such modernity and egalitarianism. This is even against the social and ethical principles of Islam.

    How you expect such a bureaucracy to work for the betterment of poor and have-nots which denies the right to membership of a petty club to its own co-workers holding almost similar status?.