Monday, August 31, 2009

Doc gives prescription to check corruption; but is Manmohan Singh serious about implementing ethical governance codes?

PRIME Minister Dr Manmohan Singh wants design of government’s development programmes to be transparent, simpler, decentralized and less discretionary so as to bring in accountability to the administrative system. While addressing a conference of CBI and state anti-corruption bureaus recently, Prime Minister of India said that recommendations of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) on ‘Ethics in Governance’ were examined in great detail, and some of those could be implemented. He made a few very significant points: a) Corruption distorts the rule of law and weakens institutions of governance. It hurts economic growth apart from hindering attempts to build a just, fair and equitable society. b) Inflated project costs consume scarce national resources which could have been better used in other important areas in the service of our people. c) Pervasive corruption tarnishes our image and it discourages investors who expect fair treatment and transparent dealings when dealing with public authorities. Finally, Dr Singh made the most important point that while petty cases get tackled quickly, the big fish often escape punishment. “This has to change. Rapid, fair and accurate investigation of allegations of corruption in high places should remain your utmost priority. The nation expects you to act firmly, swiftly and without fear or favour. And you have the constitutional and legal protection and safeguards to do so,” he told while addressing officials of various investigating and anti-corruption agencies. But will Dr Singh emphatically say the same in one of his cabinet meetings if he is really serious about warning the “big fishes” that he was talking about? After all, if the Congress completes a 10-year term, chances are that many of the corrupt politicians, or big fishes in his own words, could be from his own party! Read two more previous prescriptions given by Dr Singh. a) "Doc’s prescription: Manmohan Singh asks PMO officials to think creatively" posted on June 12, 2009. b) "Doc’s prescription to diplomats: Link diplomacy to India’s domestic economy, says Manmohan Singh" posted on August 26, 2009 Looking for meeting the PM? Try your luck The requests for appointments to Prime Minister may be addressed either to the Prime Minister himself or to the private secretary to Prime Minister. The telephonic contact may be made at 011-23018939 in appointment cell. Indian Railway employees clinch some of the highest sports awards Sushil Kumar (northern railway), wrestler was awarded with Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, the highest individual sports award of the country on last Saturday. Jaidev Bisht (northern railway), boxing coach was honoured with prestigious Dronacharya Award and Mangal Singh Champia (eastern railway), archer and Ms Surinder Kaur (northern railway), women hockey player were also been honoured with Arjuna Awards.


  1. its been quite interesting to read your blog, dear babu expert; sitting in Houston, m getting nice tits & bits of indian power corridors from u.thanx.
    Jad Kecks.

  2. No doubt this sardar is a man of integrity and a great economist. His prescriptions should help his colleagues overcome the problems at the time of implementation of the schemes. But corruption is the dreaded disease plaguing the nation. It is our first and number 1 enemy...

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