Friday, June 12, 2009

Doc’s prescription: Manmohan Singh asks PMO officials to think creatively

PRIME Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has asked key government officials to think creatively, and stressed the need to be believers in equity, innovation and public accountability at work. In the first structured meeting with officers of Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on Thursday, Dr Singh, who has just begun his second term as the country’s Prime Minister, discussed the government’s agenda and ways of improving delivery, a PMO release said. Prime Minister also emphasized the need to rethink systems of monitoring and evaluation. He wanted the PMO officials to follow up pending reform of regulatory institutions in the areas of health and education within the first 100 days. Prime Minister reiterated the need to think creatively on the agenda put forward by the government. Babu Blogger’s Take: I have been saying it from the Day 1 of Dr Singh’s second innings that there would be a lot of stress on efficiency and delivery this time, which means performers are bound to be winners. So why are you waiting for? Enjoy your work. Party hard, and work harder! A few railway officers may end up washing dirty linens, quite literally If you are a railway officer, you may end up washing dirty linens, quite literally. If railway ministry’s new proposal gets it way, the Indian Railways (IR) will own its laundry units to wash bedsheets, blankets, pillow covers, towels etc which are used by passengers in trains. That work has so far been outsourced, and hence no railway officer needs to take the responsibility of managing any laundry unit. Two state-of-the-art laundry units are likely to come up in Delhi and Lucknow under Northern Railway Zone.

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  1. Would the Prime Minister like to order removal of a painting from his South Block office depicting Manu's Caste Hierarchy and showing the professions in which people of four Verna were engaged? This painting is seen adoring walls of Waiting Hall of PMO in South Block. The paining was done by some Marathi Painter around 70-75 years back. Such a symbol definitively shows the mindset of people occupying mandarins of PMO and sends negative vibes in 21st Century India.

    Will Indian society ever come out from the clutches of caste? Such symbol shows that even the highest office of this land could not come out of mesmerizing effect of caste despite more than 60 years of independence and resolving to build a society and nation on the based of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Justice for all.

    Unless we come out of it, India would never be a force to recon with at world stage. We continue to be people divided on the basis of caste and this ailment is rapidly eroding the fabric of nation which we promised to build around 59 years back.