Monday, April 22, 2019

No celebration of “steel frame of India” on April 21 as general elections are on, but…

ON April 21, 1947, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel addressed a group of civil services probationers and referred them as “steel frame of India”. The day — April 21— is being celebrated every year as the Civil Services Day. But on Sunday, there was no celebration because of the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, which means, the awards given on the occasion of the day, will now be delivered only after…
the elections are over, and possibly, when a new government is formed. There are speculations that this year's function could also be clubbed with that of the next year. 
Seventy two years ago, Patel said, how Indian Civil Servants — the earlier version of today’s All India Services like IAS, IPS etc. — were neither civil nor imbued with any spirit of service.
“Indian Civil Service is not Indian because Indian Civil Servants are mostly anglicised; their training was in foreign land, and they had to serve foreign masters. Therefore, in effect, the whole service was not known to be Indian, nor to be civil, nor imbued with any spirit of service, and yet, it was known as Indian Civil Service. Thing is going to change now”, he said while addressing the then probationers. 
On Sunday, a number of civil servants and associations, however, took to Twitter to wish happy Civil Services Day even as there was no formal occasion. During the previous years, Prime Minister used to address the civil servants in New Delhi’s Vigyan Bhawan. PM's awards for excellence, inarguably the most prestigious award bestowed on civil servants, are also awarded on April 21 only.
In Twitter, IAS Association wrote: “Happy Civil Services Day. It was on this day that Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, addressed the first batch of civil servants in Independent India at the Metcalf House where he referred to civil servants as the 'steel frame of India'. #CivilServicesDay”.
Meanwhile, Indian Foreign Service also wished all IFS colleagues “happy #CivilServicesDay”. 
“May our resolve of service to the nation grow stronger with each passing day”, IFS Association said. 
A number of civil servants of various services too talked about it in social media. “From the grassroots to the Cabinet Secretariat, Civil Servants at each level have a significant role to play in Nation building. On #CivilServicesDay, let’s pledge to perform our duties diligently, without fear or favour. Jai Hind!” said Odisha cadre IAS, Arabinda K Padhee, also posting his photos. 
Also, Sandeep Mittal, an IPS officer and joint secretary in Parliament of India, posted: “The People whom we serve are our Masters. If we are able to get their goodwill and gratefulness, it would go a long way in bridging the divide between the Government and the Citizens. #CivilServicesDay #CivilServices”.

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