Wednesday, January 09, 2019

20 IPS officers of 1989 batch empanelled as ADG, ADG-equivalent; Full List

APPOINTMENTS Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) has approved empanelment of the
following Indian Police Service (IPS) officers of 1989 batch for holding Additional Director
General (ADG) and ADG equivalent level posts at the Centre: Here’s the full list of the 20 newly-empanelled officers:
1989 Batch IPS
1. Ashok Juneja, Chhattisgarh cadre ADG/ADG-equivalent
2. Vivek Srivastava, Gujarat cadre, ADG/ADG-equivalent
3. Sanjay Kundu, Himachal Pradesh cadre, ADG/ADG-equivalent
4. Lal Tendu Mohanti, Jammu and Kashmir cadre, ADG/ADG-equivalent
5. Sanjay Kumar, Maharashtra cadre, ADG/ADG-equivalent
6. Rahul Rashgotra, Manipur cadre ADG/ADG-equivalent
7. Milind Kanaskar, Madhya Pradesh cadre, ADG-equivalent
8. Pramod Shripad Phalnikar, Madhya Pradesh cadre, ADG/ADG-equivalent
9. Ms B Radhika, Odisha cadre, ADG/ADG-equivalent
10. Parag Jain, Punjab cadre, ADG/ADG-equivalent
11. Ms Nina Singh, Rajasthan cadre ADG/ADG-equivalent
12. Safi Ahsan Rizvi, Uttarakhand cadre, ADG/ADG-equivalent
13. PV Ramasashtry, Uttar Pradesh cadre, ADG/ADG-equivalent
14. Aditya Misra, Uttar Pradesh ADG/ADG-equivalent
15. Ashish Gupta, Uttar Pradesh cadre, ADG/ADG-equivalent
16. Sanjay Bainiwal, Uttarakhand cadre ADG/ADG-equivalent
17. Sandeep Goel, Uttarakhand cadre/ADG-equivalent
18. Sanjoy Mukherjee, West Bengal cadre, ADG/ADG-equivalent
19. Mohammad Akil, Haryana cadre, ADG-equivalent
20. Md. Shakeel Akhtar, Tamil Nadu cadre, ADG-equivalent

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