Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Are incidents of assaulting civil servants — the IAS officers in particular — increasing? Answer is: Yes

IAS officers, who wield immense power in the government and also in society at large, have begun to feel that they are being physically assaulted, and on while discharging their duties, with the perpetrators getting unpunished. The growing number of incidents have only confirmed that. First, let’s reproduce excerpts of the letter written on October 12 by Indian Civil and Administrative Services (Central) Association in solidarity with the IRS-IT officer,  Vikram Pagaria, who was assaulted last week during a tax raid in Madhya Pradesh:
“The association notes with deep concern the increasing incidents of violence against officers who are being attacked while discharging their public duty. Especially unfortunate is the serial incidents of violence by a Member of Legislative Assembly against members of our service in Maharashtra. If these incidents are allowed to go unpunished and not deterred through prompt, strong and firm action, it would not only embolden such perpetrators but increase the incidence of such dastardly acts against the public officials.” All IAS officers across the country are member of the Indian Civil and Administrative Services (Central) Association.
The Association has not named the MLA though. 
In August, about 30 IAS officers met Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis to demand a probe and arrest the offender in the two separate cases of violence against IAS. Assistant collector of Maharashtra’s Nandurbar district, Vinay Gowda, was assaulted by a mob protesting the electrocution and death of a student at a local school in Taloda. 
Earlier, a woman IAS officer, Vanmathi C, was attacked by some students, and her car’s windscreen was smashed. She was the assistant collector in Nandurbar, a place also located in Maharashtra. 
Various state chapters of the Central IAS Association — like that of West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh — also adopted resolutions, condemning the mob attacks on IAS officers.

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