Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Coming Soon: 2011 batch IAS Vijayakarthikeyan’s fiction, "Once upon An IAS Exam"

Vishy’s worst nightmare — failing the UPSC’s Civil Services exam — has come true. He is plagued by insecurity, fear and doubts. The mother of all competitive examinations has rejected him and he needs a reason to live. So, what does he do? He tells his best friend Rithika, ‘I love you… Will you marry me?’
Here’s a forthcoming fiction “Once upon An IAS Exam”, written by Dr K Vijayakarthikeyan, an MBBS-turned IAS officer of 2011 batch. A Tamil Nadu cadre IAS, Vijayakarthikeyan is presently posted as…
Commissioner, Coimbatore Municipal Corporation. “My First English Fiction ONCE UPON AN IAS EXAM is releasing this October !…” the officer posted in a social media site recently. In Twitter, Vijayakarthikeyan describes himself as a writer, doctor, cartoonist and bureaucrat. The officer is 32 years old. 
He has earlier authored three books, all in Tamil  Ethum Doorathil IAS, Adhuvum Idhuvum and Orey Kallil 13 Maangai. His private passion includes cricket. 
In the forthcoming book, “Once upon An IAS Exam”, the protagonist — 25-year-old Vishy tries to overcome the uncertainty and confusion about his future after the initial failure to crack the IAS exam, and figure out ways of convincing Rithika to marry him. He then makes yet another attempt for which he enrols into a coaching centre in Chennai's Anna Nagar.
Will Rithika accept Vishy's love?

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