Thursday, April 26, 2018

77 years old Rajasthan officer Harish Krishniya and 4 other septuagenarians appointed as IAS; the appointments “notional”, DoPT clarifies

Harish Krishniya is 77 years old. He was born on March 28, 1941 i.e. six years before India became Independent, according to government records. And believe it or not, this Rajasthan officer along with four others, were last week promoted to IAS albeit the appointments being “notional”. After decades of litigation in the court, the promotion of the officers in yesteryears turned a reality. The Centre’s personnel department, DoPT, in an order dated April 20, 2018, said that five officers, viz.
— Harish Krishniya, 75-year-old KR Kamlesh, 73-year-old Arun Kumar Ojha, 72-year-old HC Sharma and 71-year-old Ramesh Chand Jain — are “granted notional appointment to the Indian Administrative Service” from the select list of 1994-95. The copies of the DoPT order were issued to Rajasthan chief secretary and secretary of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).
The last para of the 3-page-long order says the following: “Now therefore, in the compliance of the order dated 23.09.2016 passed by the Honourable High Court of Rajasthan, Jaipur branch of DB Civil Miscellaneous, application No 104/2016 in DB Civil Writ Petition No 7472/2013 and based upon the proposal from the state government vide letter no F.6(2) Pers/A-1/2012 Part dated 17.08.2017, the following officers are granted the notional appointment to the Indian Administrative Service from the select list of 1994-95”. The order then listed five names -- Krishniya, Kamlesh, Ojha, Sharma and Jain who are mentioned earlier in this post. Date of birth is mentioned against each name. 


  1. Lt. General Singh (R)April 28, 2018 at 3:44 PM

    These guys are elderly people. Why are retired people promoted and appointed as IAS? Do IAS have no standards now? There is no way, India IAS can be equated with British ICS.

    To be a member of the British ICS, you need to first clear exams in UK and then go for a probationary period at universities in UK (Oxford, Cambridge, University of London, Trinity Dublin and few others). You usually graduate with a degree in UK and then come back to India for first posting.

    IAS is now a derogatory service. Retired, corrupt and state civil services are being promoted without merit and class.

    The Central Civil Services (including the Indian Foreign Service) and Central Secretariat Service cadre (those appointed after qualifying UPSC CSE) are anytime better than IAS.

  2. Sir

    Your foolish comment displays your lack of understanding of the case. These "elderly" people have been promoted after winning a case in court. Is it their fault if the court case took 20+ years?? Is it fine to say decisions on service matters should abate just because petitioner are past retirement age. Is there not a matter of principle in proving one is right?

    For your information the promotion is notional and what it means is that they will get arrears of pay in the higher grade.

    You should know better. After all the favourite pastime of army officers is battling promotion cases against their colleagues (when not ordering their batmen around).

    Deeply disappointed.

    I request BoI to censor such ignorant comments.

    Gopalkrishnan K.