Wednesday, September 27, 2017

2015 batch IAS officers make 8 presentations to PM on railway safety to data driven rural prosperity; 10 highlights

YOUNG IAS officers of 2015 batch on Tuesday made eight presentations before the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other senior officers on themes as varied as heritage tourism to railway safety and tracking individual carbon footprints. PM while addressing these assistant secretaries said, those officers who had risen from humble backgrounds should meet young students and motivate them. “Communication leads to compassion”, he added. Here below are the 10 highlights of the interaction:

1. Eight selected presentations were made by the officers on various themes of governance. The themes of the presentation are:
a) Rapid response for accident victims
b) Tracking individual carbon footprints
c) Financial inclusion
d) Improving rural incomes
e) Data driven rural prosperity
f) Heritage tourism
g) Railway safety
h) Central armed police forces
2. PM in his speech said, it was indeed significant that the junior-most and senior-most officers are spending such a lot of time communicating with each other. 
3. The young officers must imbibe all the positives from these interactions, PM 
4. The Prime Minister asked young officers to focus on subjects such as GST implementation and boosting digital transactions, especially via the BHIM App. 
5. PM urged the officers to speed up the adoption of Government e- Marketplace (GeM) in their respective departments. 
6. According to PM, e-marketplace would eliminate middlemen, and result in savings for the government. 
7. PM gave good examples of ODF targets and rural electrification before urging the officers to work towards 100 per cent achievement of targets.
8. He urged the officers to work towards creating the India of the dreams of freedom fighters, by 2022.
9. The officers who have risen from humble backgrounds, should meet young students, and motivate them, PM said. “Communication leads to compassion”.
10. PM urged the officers work with team spirit, and make teams wherever they go.


  1. Lt. General Kapoor (R)September 27, 2017 at 11:17 PM

    India is destined to remain a 3rd world, poor country. India's economy is super mediocre.

    The job to manage railways and its safety is for "engineers". This job is for the "Indian Railway Service" not Indian Administrative Service.

    During the Imperial rule of the British on India for 250 years, the highest paid civil servant, after the Viceroy of India, was the Chairman of the Indian Railway Board (including the Members of the Board).

    ICS officers were not the highest paid members. The Chairman ad Members of the Railway Board were the highest paid civil servants in British India.

    It is pathetic that pen pushers and educationally mediocre IAS officers are telling India, how the economy and Indian Railways to function.

  2. If IAS officers are making presentation on railway safety, is it not a sign pf failure on the part of railway officers to promote rail safety..after all, rail safety is the concern if everyone and not railway service officers alone.

  3. O Respected Kapoor Sir [Retired Lt.General Sir]

    why this hatred against IAS officers? IAS officers are also a part of Indian Government and India. They also have a right to make presentations on safety of Indian Railways.

    Please be generous towards civilians government servant.

    I, as an Indian and as a babu of Government of India, have full respect and regards for my fellow countrymen (and female members of armed forces too) who are part of Indian defence forces (including police and paramilitary forces).

    Let us all serve India without hatred towards anyone.

  4. I think it is a brilliant approach to expose the young talented officers to various facets of governance at early phase of their career. The out of the box thinking to bring our innovative ideas from the fresh minds will always be productive. To my understanding these initiatives are just to capture/seed ideas wrt the burning issues of our society. I am sure proper diligence will take place before rolling out these projects and appropriate inputs will also be taken from the domain experts. Kudos to all IAS 2015 batch officers who contributed to the nation building exercises !
    Dr Aniruddha ROY