Tuesday, June 27, 2017

CBI promotes 12 of its IPS officers to the rank of DIG; 2 promotions conditional; Full List

LAST week, India’s premier investigating agency, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), promoted 12 of its officers -- five belonging to 2002 batch IPS and remaining seven of 2003 batch, to the rank of deputy inspector general (DIG) of police. For two officers, however, the promotion is conditional. Here’s the list of officers promoted to DIG rank:

1. Rakesh Rathi, 2002 batch Bihar cadre IPS
2. Asif Jalal, 2002 batch Himachal Pradesh cadre IPS
3. Ms Harshita Attaluri, 2002 batch Kerala cadre IPS
4. Abhay Singh, 2002 batch Madhya Pradesh cadre IPS
5. Jose Mohan, 2002 batch Rajasthan cadre IPS 
6. Keshav Ram Chaurasia, 2003 batch Jammu and Kashmir cadre IPS
7. Vidhi Kumar Birdi, 2003 batch Jammu and Kashmir cadre IPS
8. C Nagaraju, 2003 batch Kerala cadre IPS
9. Anish Prasad, 2003 batch Tripura cadre IPS
10. Jasbir Singh, 2003 batch Nagaland cadre IPS
11. Dr Pranav Kumar, 2003 batch West Bengal cadre IPS
12. Anurag, 2003 batch Madhya Pradesh cadre IPS

For two officers, Keshav Ram Chaurasia and Vidhi Kumar Birdi — both belonging to 2003 batch Jammu and Kashmir cadre — the approval panel recommended their appointment as DIG and their continuation in CBI “till such time the CBI Counsel places the matter before the Hon'ble Supreme Court and obtains its orders for relieving them early”, according to the order issued on June 23, 2017.

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