Thursday, April 06, 2017

Civil Services Day: Collectors asked to give feedback on human capital management in government

THE department of administrative reforms and public grievances (DARPG) has been looking for feedback on one of the key discussions planned for this year’s Civil Services Day to be held in New Delhi’s Vigyan Bhawan on April 20 and 21. The date of submission of comments and feedbacks on the topic — human capital management in government — was recently extended till April 7, 2017. And feedback can also be posted online. Recently, the DARPG asked collectors and district magistrates to submit their…
experiences and suggestions. The inputs received would be reviewed and discussed during the session. The department also released a background paper on the subject, and as has been articulated in that paper, the purpose of the background paper is to receive valuable inputs from collectors or district magistrates, based on their experiences, for creating value through human capital management in government.  Based on the discussion, a roadmap is expected to be formulated and shared with relevant stakeholders.
The letter to the collectors and DMs also says how the introduction of new technologies and focus on citizen centricity and effective public service delivery necessitates increased focus on accountability and professionalism in civil services. As part of the Civil Services Day discussions, there has been a major emphasis on the session on creating value through human capital management. The discussion is expected to cover the following areas:
1. Identifying human capital related challenges
2. Leveraging technology to improve processes
3. Maximizing potential and fostering creativity and innovation.
The feedback should cover issues and challenges related to human capital in government that one is aware of or that may emerge in the near future, and also their possible solutions.
On the section of leveraging technology, the background paper says: “You may like to provide suggestions on the ways in which technology can be leveraged to improve processes and address the issues and challenges in governance. Restructuring of human resources to work in the changed scenario may be suggested”. 


  1. why trainees at lbsnaa who have not even seen field forced to give feeback on this? its such a nuisance

  2. DOPT &AR must learn from the experiences of Yogi govt in UP.

    This is sheer mollycoddling the indian bureaucracy.
    Sheer waste of time, money and resources.

    Service delivery mechanism becomes the casualty by such futile exercises.

    Inviting bureaucrats from across the country to participate in seminars, discussions,hearing speeches of Minister, Secretary of DOPT&AR, Cab Secy with tea-breaks, lunches do not add value to service quality to the common man.

    Extravagance must be avoided by Modi sarkar.

    Do not pamper bureaucrats.
    Make them accountable for dereliction of duties.

    A K SAXENA (A retd civil servant)