Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ravinder Kumar, the rail bureaucrat with his best compositions of Rubaiyat and Ghazals

Ravinder Kumar, 1984 batch Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS) officer and chief personnel officer of South Central Railways, is coming out with an audio CD titled Khwaab-O-Khyal at the ensuing 1984 batch Civil Services Meet at Indian Habitat Center, New Delhi. The CD contains his best compositions of Rubaiyat and Ghazals. This rail bureaucrat has written a dozen…
books, mainly on poetry, some of which are Seepi Moti Bhari, Pankhuriyan Gulab ki, Os ki bundein, Ehsaas, Sunehri Dhoop ki Chhaon Tale, and Meri 101 Kavitayen et al. And his poetry has been appreciated by legends such as Dr Bashir Badr, Neeraj, Bal Kavi Bairagi and Dr Kunwar Bechain.  A poet by heart, Kumar is also known for his satires —the published works being Miss Rishwat, Tihar Club, Bald is Beautiful etc. 
Kumar with a pen name also wrote a satire piece in BoI in January 2014 on a few mantras to be a successful officer. Five of those fundas (all satire) are being reproduced here:
a) Keep one or two confidants who can give you the breaking news and do a commentary for you.
b) Do not hurry up in disposing of files. If you do so, more files will pile up, and you will have a bad reputation of being casual.
c) In case you are under pressure to 'fix' responsibility, catch hold of the last man in the row (lowest in rung).
d) Keep your juniors guessing and fighting among themselves. Verma, Sharma, Pillai and Prasad need to be kissed and kicked as per occasion. Always keep in mind the tale of a wise monkey and stupid cats fighting for a piece of bread.
e) And what if all these fundas fail? Just try this SOS: Discuss about nation, national character and moral values. That will give you strength to dominate the situation.
Educated in Delhi and Bengaluru, Kumar worked in the private companies like HAL and ITDC before getting into IRPS. He worked in railway PSU IRCON and also served as CVO in Delhi Metro.He also served as senior professor (organizational behaviour) in National Academy of Indian Railways, the Vadodara-based railway institute that trains railway recruits and also offers mid-career courses.

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  1. I was fortunate enough to be Ravinder's batch mate at HAL staff college during 1978-80. Amazing person who mixes hard work and life's light moments to make it worth living for all around him! All the best Shayar!