Friday, August 05, 2016

IPS Association steps in, as UP Police helpline malfunctions; 14-year-old rape victim wants to be an IPS

AS THE entire nation was shocked by a horrible gang-rape incident of a woman and her 14-year-old daughter in Bulandshahr in western Uttar Pradesh earlier this week, it has been found that police helpline number 100 does not work properly in the area. IPS Association after being alerted by some social media users, stepped in and asked the UP Police to scrutinize the complaint that police helpline in the state is not in order. In many places, an ordinary caller finds the helpline number busy, and when it rings no one picks it up. UP Police then wrote to…
government-run telephone provider BSNL to look into the matter. In fact, in the control room of Jamunapuram in Bulandshahr situated outskirts of national capital region of Delhi, there are four lines provided by government run-BSNL.
According to the police’s complaint letter to BSNL dated August 2, it was reported that if No 100 is called, the caller hears the ring tone, but the actual phone in the control room does not ring at all. The complaint letter further gave a mobile number from which No 100 was called at 9 am on August 1 on experimental basis, but it was found that the phone was not ringing in the control room at all. On the next day, i.e. August 2, the same was repeated once more at 1.10 pm, but the caller found the phone busy despite all phone lines were open at that time.  
The incident took place on the highway, NH-91, when dacoits dragged the woman and her daughter out of a car in Bulandshahr as they were travelling with their family from Noida to Shahjahanpur, both in Uttar Pradesh.
Meanwhile, ruling Samajwadi Party government in UP suspended six policemen including an SSP and also warned top cops of the state to nab the culprits as soon as possible, after major political parties highlighted deteriorating law and order situation in the state. UP election is scheduled to be held in early 2017, and law and order situation is likely to dominate political discourse in the coming days. 
The victims are reported to be in deep shock and the culprits are still at large. The 14-year-old victim told a newspaper that she wants to be an IPS officer in future.

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  1. The way IRCTC site and IT department websites have been improved in terms of speed and connectivity by the authorities, on similar lines Central Govt should step in to make No 100 accessible all the time to one and all. A person rings up No 100 only to seek help not for fun. It will be a great service to citizens if No 100 connectivity is made flawless.