Friday, April 29, 2016

When actor Akshay Kumar demonstrates his combat skills in Hyderabad’s National Police Academy

AT THE time of writing this article, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s Tweet on spending a day with police officers in Hyderabad’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy has been retweeted 2,600 times, with 8,700 people also liking it. The actor who was shooting his forthcoming biopic “Rustom” where he has been portraying the role of a Naval Commander named Rustom Parvi, in Hyderabad, took a day off from his schedule on Tuesday to visit the Academy where he had…
interacted with IPS recruits, played a volleyball match and demonstrated his impressive combat skills in a friendly martial arts combat with an IPS officer. The 48-year-old star also released a 56-second-long video of his combat which has gone viral in social media platforms.
As is seen in the video, the actor was greeted with claps by IPS recruits gathered on the ground, as the actor punched and kicked his opponent in a friendly combat. It’s not just the IPS officers who got impressed with this Bollywood Khiladi’s kicks and punches. Even his wife Twinkle Khanna took to the Twitter to praise him. “This is why he's my Bae! Fitness=agility+skill+discipline+spirit-puffy gym muscles :)  #When2BlackBeltsSpar”, she Tweeted. 
The actor also participated in a volleyball match and interacted with the IPS recruits. It’s learnt that the actor during the interaction shared a few martial arts tricks, something that might come handy to the recruits as they begin a long innings in the police force. Akshay Kumar was professionally trained in martial arts, a skill-set often used for self-defence, military and law enforcement.
The official site of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy has also carried a number of photos of the actor interacting with the recruits, faculty members and director Aruna M Bahuguna, a 1979 batch IPS. 
The photographs showed the actor while giving a speech, playing a volleyball match, walking around the campus and demonstrating his martial arts skills.


  1. It makes my blood boil to see these officers fawn over this canadian actor (yes, dear AK has renounced indian citizenship years ago). No doubt AK was the gainer with a bunch of useful contacts made who can help him out the next time he has some police trouble.

    Can one imagine the FBI academy bigwigs falling over each other to be seen in a photo with an Indian actor?

    This attitude pretty much is a summary of all that is wrong with our civil service. No dignity, no self-respect.


    -Sanjay Bhaskar

  2. what is all this... IPS/IAS officers only have fun and waste government money...IRS officers on other hand work hard and earn revenue for the country. All this has to stop immediately

  3. after introduction of csat, pakodas having a close brotherhood with yo yo honey singh and sisterhood with sunny leone characters are entering into civil service spoiling its esteem and dignity.