Wednesday, April 06, 2016

IAS R Alice Vaz and IPS SS Yadav: This couple has to wait longer before they can be together

THIS IAS-IPS couple has to wait longer before they can work in the same cadre and stay together. 2005 batch IAS Ms R Alice Vaz is posted in West Bengal, and she won’t be getting a transfer to AGMUT cadre where IPS husband of 1997 batch, SS Yadav, is posted. The DoPT after a detailed examination on March 31 decided to process the case of Ms R Alice asking for a cadre change to AGMUT on grounds of marriage, only after…
no objection or consent letter is received from West Bengal government. The West Bengal government has recently declined to relieve the lady officer citing the reason of shortage of IAS officers in the state.
Hailing from Tamil Nadu, R Alice Vaz is a nurse-turned IAS. She graduated in nursing from MGR Medical in Chennai before appearing for UPSC and succeeding to become an IAS.
Meanwhile, the DoPT did not recommend the proposal of inter-cadre deputation of Dr Pooja Pandey, a 2008 batch Assam-Meghalaya cadre IAS to Uttar Pradesh as the Meghalaya government refused to give its contest letter due to shortage of officers in the state. Assam-Meghalaya is a joint cadre. Another officer who wanted a cadre change from Assam-Meghalaya to Uttar Pradesh was Brahma Deo Ram Tiwari of 2006 batch. His case was also not approved by the DoPT because of the same reason— Meghalaya’s refusal to relieve officers because of shortage. 
Also, B Kalyan Chakravarthy, 1995 batch Assam cadre IAS wanted extension of his inter-cadre transfer from Assam-Meghalaya cadre to Telangana cadre for a further period of three years with effect from February 1, 2017,  as “the grounds of extreme hardship of medical nature are still persistent”. The panel headed by DoPT secretary observed that the period of inter cadre deputation of the officer is going to expire only on February 2, 2017 and hence he directed that the officer should process his proposal before three months of expiry of inter cadre tenure. In other words, the officer applied for extension much earlier.
Another application which the panel has deferred is the extension of inter-cadre deputation period of 2004 batch Manipur cadre IAS Ms Nidhi Kesarwani, from Manipur cadre to Uttar Pradesh cadre. Meanwhile, the DoPT has rejected the request for delegation of power to secretary, ministry of environment, forest and climate change (MoEF) for cadre change of PH category Indian Forest Service officers, saying that “the power for cadre change of AIS officers rests with ACC and the same cannot be delegated at the present”.


  1. Lt. General (Retd) KapoorApril 7, 2016 at 3:29 AM

    The civil service have begun to lose their purpose in India. Civil servants are now in the mode of consolidating power.

    Why can't civil servant marry common men/women in India? Why is it that IAS has to marry a IAS? Or one civil service to the other?

    To marry and who you marry is a personal choice. However marriage in the civil services should not turn to a new brokerage system. The Government of India should deeply prohibit civil servants marrying one another and should freely encourage to marry among the common masses from India to encourage oneness with country.

    1. What crappy logic Sir? Prohibition on marrying fellow civil servant. It violates our fundamental right. Where are we heading with such mindset? 2nd Century?

      And how do you know its for consolidation of power. The argument is glib & shallow.

  2. Why should an all India service officer [IAS/IPS/IFoS] seek cadre change or an Inter cadre deputation at all?

    So as to enjoy home state?

    Then why join all India service at all? Why not join state civil services?

  3. Try working in a state which is completely alien to you in terms of culture, language, food habits etc and that too for a period of 30 + years before passing judgement on officers seeking inter cadre transfer or inter cadre deputation.

    In fact IAS has lost its significance and prestige and has been relegated to the status of a glorified state service. There is no "All India" in IAS witg many states refusing officers to go central deputation as a result of which Officers have to spend their entire career in states. Tell me then what is the difference between IAS and State services.

    Cadre system has outlived it's utility being a colonial inheritance and needs to be scrapped. But of course that is never going to happen. Indians love to continue the status quo. JAI HIND !!

  4. Dear Sir'

    This reality of an all India service is known to the candidates who are appearing in civil services exam. Then, they should stop opting for IAS/IPS and instead opt for central services like Postal, Railways, IRS etc. so that they can move back to their home state.'

    Reality is bitter and is not going to be different for IAS/IPS officers.

    Railway officers also work in North Eastern India. Then, why this cribbing for change of cadre????

  5. I beg to differ from the earlier comment. Reality of All India Service is not known to the majority of the candidates who appear for the exam. They sit for the exam with false beliefs and preconceived notions of how IAS is superior and the best among the other 24 Services in the UPSC Exam list.
    Please take a survey of the successful candidates each year. 90% would have opted for IAS as their first choice and out of this 99% would have opted for their home cadre as first preference. So if candidates should not care about cadre and just "serve the country", then why have the cadre system and cadre preferences at the first place?
    IAS is in reality nothing but a Glorified State Service where you get promotions faster. IAS was never meant to be this, a glorified State Service. It has been made so by the political class.

  6. Very cruel decision by the Government.